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Education Ministry has Yet to Fund Chareidi Cultural Organizations
by Eliezer Rauchberger

Education Minister Limor Livnat told a Knesset plenum that she supports transferring advance funding for chareidi cultural organizations and promised to evaluate why these allocations from the 2003 budget have been delayed.

In response to a question by MK Rabbi Moshe Gafni, Ms. Livnat said that on the last night of 2002, new criteria for the distribution of chareidi cultural funding were finalized based on directives from the Attorney General. "But apparently there are other problems and therefore the money has not yet been distributed," she explained. "Nonetheless in my opinion the advance funding should be given in any case to the extent possible. I promise to assess this and investigate why the advances were not given, because according to my understanding the advances should be given. There are more than a few cases in which there is a problem [in meeting] the criteria and therefore the money cannot be distributed further."

MK Gafni complained that since the beginning of 2003, chareidi cultural organizations have yet to receive a single shekel. As a result people have not received wages for the past two months, said Gafni, noting similar problems last year. In such situations the standard procedure is to at least issue advances against the final budgets.

He also raised the issue of the Chinuch Atzmai school in Kadima, which received a notice from the Education Ministry that it would not be granted a license for next year although it has had a license for years. "Apparently there is somebody there who wants to [institute] apartheid by ensuring there is no chareidi school. This is a school with all of the permits in order."

MK Ilan Shalgi (Shinui) claimed the directive might have been issued because children are bused in from the outside, whereas local children do not study there. Ms. Livnat also defended the Ministry's decision saying, "The Ministry probably informed [the school] why it was not granting a license," adding that she would update herself on the details of the case.


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