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Significant Increase in Number of Bnei Brak Students; Beitar Grows Fast
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

The number of students enrolled in Bnei Brak kindergartens, schools and other educational institutions rose from 52,000 last year to 53,388 this year--the largest relative increase in all of the Dan Region.

In Beitar this year about 10,000 students are studying in about 350 classes. This year there are 1,300 new students, an increase of 15 percent compared to last year. This reflects the high birth rate in Beitar, as well as the new buildings that were built.

According to City of Bnei Brak Secretary and Spokesman Avrohom Tanenbaum, 25,032 students are enrolled in primary school--2,963 in municipal schools for chareidi boys, 9,628 in public talmudei Torah, 10,647 in municipal schools for chareidi girls, 1,023 in government-religious (mamlachti-dati) schools, 459 in government (mamlachti) schools and 312 in special education programs. The city has 30 chareidi schools, 5 government- religious schools and 2 government schools.

In the upper grades are 10,629 students--4,911 from the chareidi sector (eight schools), 4,000 in public frameworks, 1,665 in four government-religious schools and 544 at the city's single government school.

The kindergartens have 6,442 students in 132 municipal kindergarten classes for chareidim, 4,500 in public chareidi frameworks, 570 in government-religious kindergartens (22 classes), 52 in government kindergartens (two classes) and 230 in special education programs. This year four integrated kindergartens are in operation.

Two institutions for girls recently relocated to splendid new facilities. The Gur Seminary moved to an NIS 16-million building with 24 classrooms and the Giva'ah branch of the Wolf High School and Seminary moved into an NIS 19-million building with 36 classrooms. In addition to the regular classrooms, both of these facilities also boast laboratories, a pedagogical center, libraries and administrative wings.

At the Beis Yaakov primary school in the Zichron Meir neighborhood 15 new classrooms are currently under construction. The NIS 6-million project will replace the mobile structures in use until now. At the central Beis Yaakov school on Rambam Street a new 6-classroom wing opened this year at a cost of NIS 1.5 million following the opening of a new wing three years ago.

During the course of the coming year 10 new classrooms are slated for construction at the Beis Yaakov school in the Ramat Aharon neighborhood, replacing the 10 mobile classrooms currently in use. The plan will also provide a solution for the Shemaya kindergarten and club for the hard of hearing. In Pardes Berman, near the new residential buildings, ten new kindergarten classrooms will be built. The Center for Learning Improvement for students with learning disabilities, will soon move to the new building near Pardes Berman.

Shortly before the school year opened a preparation day was held for the staffs of chareidi special education kindergartens owned by the City. Participants included Rabbi Amrom Ivgy, deputy mayor and head of the education department; Rabbi Yehuda Levy, deputy director of the education department; Mrs. Leah Ben Ari, the Education Ministry's representative supervisor; Mrs. Yardena Cohen, psychologist for the special education kindergartens; and Mrs. Bella Rubin, director of the department of special education.

In his opening speech Rabbi Ivgy praised the respective staffs for attending to tinokos shel beis rabban, saying this is a zechus in and of itself, particularly in the case of impaired children in need of special care. He noted that monetary returns are not always in accordance with the amount invested, saying that at special education kindergartens it is well-known that the staff invests extensive efforts, which calls for considerable preparation. He then offered his blessings that the merit of their work in caring for these children stand by them and their family members, adding that he would always be glad to make himself available to assist in any capacity.


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