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HaRav Shteinman: "Everyone has an Obligation to Participate in Lev L'Achim"
by A. Cohen

At a special emergency meeting held last Friday afternoon in the home of HaRav Aharon Leib Shteinman, the Rosh Yeshiva told representatives of various bnei Torah kehillos in Bnei Brak, "Everyone has an obligation to participate in the activities of Lev L'Achim [by covering] the cost of enrolling at least one child in the Torah-based education [system]." Some thirty avreichim talmidei chachomim--summoned to help boost public participation in the Lev L'Achim fundraising drive held on Shabbos Behaaloscho--were on hand.

During the meeting, which lasted over an hour, HaRav Shteinman said, " . . . Diamonds are rolling in the streets. Saving children is both Torah and chesed, as Maran HaRav Eliashiv, shlita, instructed, for `Kulhu isnehu beih [it includes everything].' Many children from homes that do not keep Torah and mitzvos can be brought into the Torah education [system], and every individual must be a partner in this. This is a situation in which people are drowning in the river, and in such situations one does not ask questions."

HaRav Chizkiyohu Mishkovsky also spoke to the participants, describing the big opportunities that must be created, such as opening new nursery school and kindergarten classes at Torah-based schools, saying it all depends on how many homes Lev L'Achim is able to reach and how many parents can be spoken to. "The public must snap our of its indifference. This is a true case of hatzolas nefoshos. The problem is that financial strain prevents us from enrolling and [sending] fieldworkers to do the work. If, chas vesholom, we do not work with full vigor and to the full extent, [our present achievements] are liable to be affected, since classrooms in which do not have a sufficient number of students and will not receive [additional students] will be in danger of closure. The expenses in bringing a child to a Torah-based school come to an average of $100." He asked each of the participants at the meeting to present the facts to the members of their respective kehillos and to call on each and every individual to donate at least $100 to the fundraising drive.

Lev L'Achim Director Rabbi Eliezer Sorotzkin, who was the last to speak at the gathering, said, "This is a time of testing, as marshi'ei habris are making concerted efforts to disrupt and sabotage our work, and we cannot allow a situation in which instead of increasing and strengthen the work, we diminish it because of budgetary problems. There was tremendous his'orerus during the Shabbos fundraising drive, rabbonim and gedolei Torah spoke and roused the tzibbur, but now on the entire tzibbur has an obligation to become a partner, and toward this end we have gathered here in the home of the Rosh Yeshiva shlita, to ask the heads of the tzibbur to act upon congregants to encourage each of them to commit to the cost of enrolling at least one child."

The great importance HaRav Shteinman attaches to the enrollment work of Lev L'Achim to bring yaldei Yisroel to Torah-based education and to return lost children to Our Father in Heaven infused each of the participants in the emergency meeting with a sense of mission and a feeling of responsibility to do everything in his power in order to provide the means to continue the work of enrolling students.

According to the Lev L'Achim administration, donations to the Shabbos fundraising drive can be made by credit card at the education telephone headquarters at 1-800-550-300 or via gabboim at various botei knesses.


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