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Krias Kodesh of Maranan Verabonon
Bs"d, Isru Chag Pesach, 5762

In light of the difficult situation prevailing in Eretz Hakodesh, it is clear that we need rachmei Shomayim and that we cannot pin our trust on one particular element or another or rely on any specific individual. The Chofetz Chaim often said that there is no way to save ourselves from chevlei Moshiach except by following the counsel of the Torah hakedoshoh. As Rav Elozor said: "What should a person do in order to be spared from chevlei Moshiach? He should engage in Torah and gemilus chassodim" (Sanhedrin 98b). Therefore the only good eitza is to increase one's Torah study to the maximum of one's abilities, because our Torah study has the capacity to effect wonders in HaKodosh Boruch Hu's conduct of His world.

Therefore we appeal to all of the yeshivos hakedoshos and to the kollelim to begin the summer zman earlier this year, on Wednesday the 28th of Nisan, and that regular shiurim commence on Thursday, Nisan 29.

We call upon yeshiva students to make special efforts to strengthen their Torah learning wherever they are until the beginning of the zman, and to begin the summer zman in the yeshivos hakedoshos with special enthusiasm, in respect to exertion in Torah. It is to this that the verse: "Im bechukosai teileichu . . . venosati gishmeichem . . . vecherev lo sa'avor be'artzechem," alludes. Safro explicates: "`Im bechukosai teileichu' [means] `tihiyu ameilim beTorah.' These "ways" of walking with Hashem's laws by toiling in Torah are what determine the order of Divine conduct in Creation, and the more Torah study proliferates in Yisroel, the more abundant the blessing and the goodness we will be zoche to from the Mokom Boruch Hu. It is from here that we deduce the obligation to make maximal efforts to increase Torah in Yisroel. Each and every one of us should assess his own abilities to act in this area and proceed accordingly, because this is vital to save our entire generation.

On the merit of our strengthening ourselves in the study of the Torah hakedoshoh, which protects and saves, we will deserve to be redeemed by HaKodosh Boruch Hu from the difficult hours and to be saved an everlasting deliverance, speedily in our time. Omen.

(signed) Yosef Sholom Eliashiv, Aaron Leib Shteinman, Moshe Shmuel Shapira, Michel Yehuda Lekfowitz, Chaim Pinchos Scheinberg, Zalman Rotberg, Nissim Karelitz, Tzvi Markowitz, Avrohom Yaakov Zaleznik, Shmuel Auerbach


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