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Yad Eliezer Volunteers have Melave Malka
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

On motzei Shabbos parshas Bo, hundreds of Yad Eliezer nationwide volunteer coordinators assembled in the Tamir Hall in Jerusalem for a melave malka. Despite the stormy weather volunteers came from all over the country: from Bnei Brak, Ashdod, Ofakim, Zichron Yaakov, Tzfas and other places to participate in this heartening event.

The meeting was opened by HaRav Menachem Stein of Petach Tikvah, who strengthened the volunteers involved in this meleches hakodesh. He stressed the importance of sharing the burden of the needy, yet respecting their feelings.

Area representatives of the coordinators went up to the stage in turn to convey the greetings of their respective branches to the audience and to describe their activities.

Moderator Chaya Hertzberg gave an overall picture of Yad Eliezer activities. Founded for the purpose of helping families in need, Yad Eliezer has been operating for more than twenty years. Among its many projects are the distribution of monthly food baskets, weekly cooked food and infant formula. It also caters simchas, maintains a hotline for people in distress, distributes fruits and vegetables, helps sick people, offers tutorial help and helps move furniture. Today, Yad Eliezer supports about 6000 families each month. This, of course, entails a tremendous financial burden, Mrs. Hertzberg noted.

The branch representatives thanked Rabbi Yaakov Weisel and his wife, the organization founders, who continue to guide this sacred enterprise, which is truly based on their mesiras nefesh and that of all the volunteers. They also thanked Rabbi Dov Weisel, director of Yad Eliezer, who works tirelessly, heart and soul, to help anyone in need, offering an attentive ear and a sympathetic heart.

Coordinator of the Jerusalem branch, Mrs. Malka Benjamin expressed her gratitude for the cooperation of the volunteers from the standpoint of ish es rei'eihu ya'azoru. . . ." In warm words of greeting, she said that the organization is like one big family and is very careful in its expenditures of tzedokoh funds.

Each Yad Eliezer project is administered by an able, experienced director. The monumental project of weekly distribution of fruits and vegetables is administered by Rabbi Mordechai Bernzweig, Rabbi Weisel's personal secretary. Rabbi Yitzchok Weingut, director of the unit for helping patients in the Hadassah Ein Karem Sharett Institute, attends to hundreds of sick people, granting them encouragement and aid. Rabbi Refael Kugler is responsible for the tutorial project throughout the country, guiding tutors and handling the problems of youngsters from one- parent families. HaRav Mendel Averbuch is responsible for the branches. Rabbi Menachem Scheinberg is responsible for drivers and their jobs such as moving furniture, distributing food and organization of simchas.

At the conclusion of this inspiring evening, the coordinator thanked all of those who help collect food and money, and those who cook and bake for the organization. The volunteers left the gathering strengthened by the knowledge that their activities increase kvod Shomayim.


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