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A Letter from the Scene of the Bomb in Beis Yisroel
by Moshe Kupfer, Yeshivas Brisk, Yerushalayim

Being someone who heard -- or rather felt -- last week's blasts in the Beis Yisroel neighborhood while walking in the streets of Geula, I felt some kind of strange connection to the threat and even more so to the wondrous miracle that became clear in the end. Many different people from various backgrounds tried to express themselves in various ways, but the message was the same: we merited to witness an open act of Hashem in the backyard of perhaps the biggest Torah institution in the world.

I was at the scene moments later and the feeling of overwhelming relief and jubilation is hard to describe within the written boundaries of pen and paper. The drama of the army, bomb squads, police and rescue units only emphasized the scale of the tragedy that had knocked on the door and was averted in this ultra-orthodox community. One of the better known stories of Hashgacha, which was subsequently printed in the secular newspapers, was of the gas truck. It had driven through the street 10 minutes prior to the blast and had stopped on the next block to make a delivery. An alteration in timing would have spelled untold devastation.

But the less known fact of the day is truly remarkable. The car containing the explosives was parked right outside a fruit and vegetable store. This store, as all fruit stores in Eretz Yisroel, is busiest Thursday afternoon in preparation for Shabbos. Indeed the face of the store was totally destroyed -- a scene of twisted metal, broken glass and melted plastic. So why only one injury?

The owner of the store had locked up moments before to go daven mincha up the street in the Meah Shearim Shtieblach, thus no one was in the store at the time of the explosion!

The threat is very real, and we cannot rely on miracles, so we must thank Hashem for the past and do teshuva for the future so that we shouldn't come into such frightening situations.


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