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The Power of Tehillim
by Yocheved Hochman

"We don't need big miracles, dangerous diseases or terrible tragedies to awaken us to Teshuva. When we are able to flex a finger, bend a knee or wink an eye, these, too, are major miracles and kindnesses from Hashem each moment to alert us to the guiding Hand in our day to day lives.

Man's nature, however, is to react only when the light is missing, awakening us from our slumber from the ever thickening darkness. Only then do we reach out in celebration and appreciation of our very existence.

Such was the situation of one woman who is actively involved in strengthening Tehillim groups. One morning, as she awoke, she noticed a large bump had sprouted on her knee. The area began to swell to such a degree that she was unable to bend her knee without severe pain. As she stood in a quandary about which medical path to take, the telephone rang. One of the Tehillim groups had asked if she would be able to give a shiur to boost the participants. But how could she go? Her knee was swollen and she couldn't walk. What should she do?

Should she give in and not go? Perhaps she could request car service? But she still had to get down a large amount of stairs to get to the street. She stood there, helpless to make a decision in any direction.

Determined to overcome her disability, she sized up the situation and realized that her destination was all downhill and she could probably, with extra effort, make it on her own. Getting back -- well, she would leave that up to Hashem.

She painstakingly made her way towards the home where the group was gathering and arrived on time. She was amazed at the inspiring talk she managed to deliver, despite the pain and infirmity, or possibly, because of it. She saw how the group was uplifted and refreshed spiritually to continue and this encouraged her as well.

Going home, inching her way along, she reached the stairway of her building and took a deep breath, anticipating sharp pain which would progress with each step.

One step, two steps, she inhaled again, afraid to feel. Seven, eight. She stopped to rest. She waited with wonder. No pain. Not even an inkling, not even a small reminding twinge. She continued up, less gingerly than before. Nothing impeding her. Boruch Hashem! No pain! She touched the area of the swelling; it was gone! Amazingly, her leg had returned to its original shape and casual insensitivity. A major miracle? Not quite, but a major celebration in one's daily life.


Today we are living in very unpredictable times where the only thing we can truly rely on is prayer and chessed. The power of Tehillim is an age-old remedy and the power of numbers, of achdus, is progressively more potent, as we see in Pirkei Ovos. Unity and prayer, with one heart, is a formula for Hashem to shower down His blessing increasingly.

Becoming part of a Tehillim group usually entails a maximum of twenty minutes, in which session you have become part of a recital of the entire Sefer; Your pulse has beat along with the heart of your collective group to form a protective shield and a channel for Hashem's goodness.

Thousands of groups have formed an ever growing chain for Klal Yisroel across the globe, uniting them all in prayer, adding increasing merit to our people as a whole, and to each individual participant. One goes away each time a different person, fortified, purified and unified.

BEGIN A NEW GROUP in your building, on your street or in your neighborhood by acquiring the conveniently divided booklets of Tehilim that allow people to recite at their own pace.

For further information, contact:

In the U.S. - 001-516-239-6083.

Canada - Toronto: 001-416-781-3231; Montreal: 001- 514-276-1185.

England - 0044-181-458-2873.

France: 00331-452-88399.

Israel - 02-537-1775; 08-974-2447.

Mexico - 280-0954.


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