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Recommended by Whom?
by Miriam Friedman

The following article is being brought as a public service, to open people's eyes, and minds, not to take things for granted...

Names do not reflect any living people.

Zeidy Goes to Vote
by Sudy Rosengarten

It was Election Day in Israel. A heated election campaign was going on between two Torah parties. For weeks prior to elections, supporters of each party wined and dined any potential voter they could get a hold of, and in every conceivable way tried to get the promise of votes that would put their party into the legislature of Israel -- the Knesset.

Time Management for After-or In-School Arts and Crafts Classes

by Devora Piha

Many young women who are artistically inclined find giving afternoon crafts chugim for children, or even evening groups for women, an excellent outlet for their talents, a source of income and/or occupation for their own children. Or -- how about a young grandmother using these ideas when she visits the grandchildren during the week to let Ima have an hour of real rest?

Children at Risk
by A. Ross, M.A. in Speech and Education

Theories abound about the increase in childhood disorders and learning disabilities. Are there really more learning disabled children than there used to be? Are there better diagnostic methods? Is it because parents are much more willing to discuss problems nowadays? In former days, a handicapped child was "swept under the carpet."

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

I don't especially like writing articles that are mainly common sense, but as long as these injuries keep showing up in my emergency department, they need to be stressed. In the business we call it "industrial emergency medicine."

Poet's Corner
Caught Unprepared

by E. Isaacs

Moshiach! Moshiach is here!
I cry tears of ecstasy, of relief and elation!
Our bitter, long exile has ended
After so many years of anticipation.

I run to the window
And what do I see?
Everyone's streaming to greet Moshiach!
Everyone -- but me!

So I open my bedroom closet
And extract one outfit at a time.
Shall I wear this suit?
It's a real favorite of mine!
But wait -- the neckline's a little wide,
Yes, I wore it blithely to my cousin's wedding,
But to greet Moshiach in this? How unbefitting.

And this dress' sleeves
Are suddenly far too short,
I feel faint as I realize,
That I haven't dressed as I ought.

This checked skirt won't do,
It's simply too tight...
Oh! I can't believe it --
Have I nothing that's right?

And so,
I throw yet another outfit upon my bed,
And watch the discarded pile rise,
We've waited thousands of years for Moshiach,
And yet -- I'm still taken by surprise?

My closet is empty; its shelves are all bare,
Now I face the truth with horror,
Of all my large wardrobe of clothes,
I have nothing that is halachically proper.

Moshiach -- Moshiach is here!
Act now --
I cry tears of despair, disbelief and discovery
To be caught uprepared?
Who'd imagine it this way?
I run to the window And what do I see?
Everyone's streaming to great Moshiach,
-- but me!

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