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Machine Matzo Baking Underway In Yad Binyomin
by B. Rabinowitz

Machine matzo baking has begun in the Yad Binyomin Hamatzos Hamehudoros Bakery under the supervision of Shearis Yisroel.

Members of the Badatz of Shearis visited the bakery and saw firsthand how their halachic guidelines have been implemented. They praised the bakery owners for their staunch insistence upon adherence to the special chumros of the Badatz and expressed their satisfaction over the tremendous efforts the bakery owners have made in order to insure that the matzos are of outstanding kashrus and quality.

Special efforts were made again this year to improve the kneading and baking system, involving a large financial investment. In addition, a special system for drying and airing the matzos has been installed, thus significantly improving the matzo quality.

The bakery owners have gone to great lengths this year to ensure maximal sanitary conditions. This issue is one of the most important aspects of the hiddur. Special stringencies not employed by other bakeries have been instituted. No other bakery can compete with Yad Binyomin in either kashrus or quality.

Maranan verabonon the gedolei haposkim fully approve of the methods used by the rabbonim of Shearis Yisroel to prevent the oven from becoming overheated, while at the same time, maintaining the proper heat when matzos are placed in the ovens, so that they can be baked within the required relatively short time. They are also very pleased by an insulation wall that was built last year, separating the oven from the production room.

The bakery owners also note that production stops completely every eighteen minutes, at which time the entire production line -- from the kneading equipment to the oven -- is totally dismantled. All machines undergo cleaning with a strong water jet and air pressure. The perforator -- redler -- is also dismantled and brought to be cleaned by a special crane, while another perforator is assembled in its place. The bakery owners allow chaburos to examine parts of the machines.

During the time of the wheat harvesting, on the eve of this shmittah year and for the coming year as well, owners of the bakery made certain to secure a special, high quality species of wheat. The long oven also has significantly improved the quality of the matzos. Immediately after baking, the matzos are brought to a cooling and airing room which accords the matzos a unique freshness and an exceptionally long shelf-life.

The Yad Binyomin bakery owners said that these achievements are the result of tremendous efforts invested over a long period of time.

Prior to the start of this year's baking, HaRav Chaim Kanievsky visited the bakery. Throughout his long visit, he expressed considerable satisfaction over the bakery's special kashrus arrangements, found in no other bakery. He was particularly impressed by the fact that every matzo inserted in the oven is laid out on a new, disposable sheet of plastic, thereby totally preventing the problem of the reappearance of crumbs each time a new matzo is inserted. This problem exists in all other bakeries. Due to the new system, this problem has been totally eliminated.

On his visit, HaRav Kanievsky inquired about every single detail of the baking and grinding process. At the end of the visit, he said, "It is clear that one of the main reasons that gedolei Yisroel prohibited the use of machine matzo was that it was impossible to clean the machines properly. But here, the situation is totally different, since everything is taken apart and undergoes a stringent cleaning process, so that every corner of the machine can be reached and cleaned. Therefore, such a chashash does not exist in the matzos baked in Yad Binyomin."

At the end of his visit, HaRav Kanievsky said that he heard his father-in-law, HaRav Yosef Sholom Eliashiv, say a number of times that this is the most mehudar matzo bakery, and that the hiddurim instituted by the Shearis Yisroel rabbonim, both in hand and machine matzo, have brought the factory to the point that its level is the most meticulous of all bakeries. He blessed the owners of the factory with "Hatzlocho," and the supervising staff with, "May you succeed, and may you have no shailos."

The bakery owners said that they are certain that the meticulous bnei Torah community will appreciate their tremendous efforts.


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