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Horrifying Accident in Ramat Shlomo
by Betzalel Kahn

A terrible tragedy occurred in Jerusalem's Ramat Shlomo neighborhood on 13 Teves when a five year old boy was killed while returning home from cheder. The little boy, who had moved to the neighborhood only a few days previously, got off the minibus near his home on Admor of Sadigura Street.

As he was getting off the bus, his coat got caught in the bus door. The driver, not realizing what had happened, continued on his way, dragging the child a number of meters along the road. Passersby began to shout at the driver who quickly stopped the bus. However by then the child had lost consciousness and was lying on the road.

Hatzoloh volunteers with the help of Magen David Adom made all-out attempts to resuscitate the child, but he died shortly afterward. Police have detained the driver, and his license was invalidated on the spot.

A number of weeks ago, the Police conduced an extensive campaign to check the qualifications of drivers transporting children to chareidi educational institutions. Many vehicles were taken off the road due to deficiencies. The campaign was conducted in the wake of a series of accidents in which children were hurt due to the lack of attention on the part of drivers. Throughout the campaign, many drivers were found to be unqualified, and the directors of the educational institutions were instructed to send an additional adult on each minibus to supervise the children on their way home after school.

Residents of Ramat Shlomo say that they witness overt miracles every few days, when drivers close their doors too fast and rush off.

It should be noted that the driver responsible for Monday's accident had previously been charged with 26 traffic violations, yet nothing has been done to remove him permanently from the roads.


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