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R' Tzuriel Krispel Elected Head of Council of Elad Municipal Council
by S. Bruchi

R' Tzuriel Krispel of Shas was chosen to serve as the head of the Municipal Council of Elad with a slim margin of sixty votes. Rabbi Yaakov Asher, the candidate of the BeYachad-Chen slate, which was warmly endorsed by maranan verabonon, received 49% of the votes.

R' Tzuriel Krispel received 974 votes, while Rabbi Yaakov Asher received 914. Nahari, an additional candidate for head of the Council received 36 votes; 37 votes were invalidated. Percentage-wise, R' Krispel received 51.51% of the votes; Rabbi Yaakov Asher, 49.50%.

In elections to the Municipal Council Shas received 857 votes, entitling it to four representatives. The BeYachad- Chen slate received 679 votes, and gets three representatives. Mafdal (Ad) received 343 votes and will have two representatives. Machal received 14 votes, and the A.M. party, 30. 13 votes were invalidated.

A cooperation agreement signed on the eve of the elections accords BeYachad and Mafdal a collective majority of five members in the Council.

At the end of the election day, residents of Elad expressed their regard for the candidate of the BeYachad slate Rabbi Yaakov Asher for his integrity. They praised him for conducting a clean campaign while focusing on the needs of the city. A mere month after accepting the challenge of maranan verabonon to run for office, he won the hearts of city residents, meriting the trust of 49% of the voters.

At stirring election rally two weeks before the elections, HaRav Chizkiyahu Mishkovski conveyed the words of HaRav Aharon Leib Steinman regarding the battle for the city's spiritual character.

HaRav Mishkovski related that he had visited HaRav Steinman before the rally. With an emotion-filled voice, HaRav Steinman told him that be'ezras Hashem, Elad would become a Torah metropolis and the voice of Torah would resound in its shuls and botei medrash.

HaRav Mishkovski then said: "When there is Torah, when there are yeshivos, kollelim, Torah institutions and chessed, it's a different world: the sky and even the air is different. Now it is up to each and every one of you to make Elad a city of Torah, as HaRav Steinman has said. If Elad becomes a city of Torah, all of its residents will benefit, because a city of Torah means more gemachim, more chessed, more unity, more chinuch. Chazal say the talmidei chachomim are the true builders of the city, and they cast the true foundations of Elad, besiyato deShmaya."

HaRav Mordechai Gross, a member of the BaDaTz of Elad, rav and av beis din of the Chanichei Hayeshivos community of Bnei Brak, was the next to speak. In stirring words, he said that Elad residents know that the true battle in the city is over kovod haTorah. "For a long period, shameful attempts have been made to disgrace the city's rabbonim as well as others who study Torah. As a result, we are obligated to unite to do everything possible to transform Elad into a place of kiddush Hashem and kevod HaTorah."


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