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The Righteous Rebbetzin Devorah Wilensky o"h
by A. Cohen

Last week, a large throng of Bnei Brak residents, headed by roshei yeshiva, rabbonim and dayanim accompanied the righteous Rebbetzin Devorah Wilensky o"h, eishes chover to the av beis din of Tel Aviv, HaRav Yechezkel Hacohen Wilensky zt"l, on her last earthly journey.

Rebbetzin Devorah o"h, was born in 5674 (1914) in Slutsk. She was the daughter of HaRav Usher Sandomirski and Rebbetzin Feigel. Her father was a ram and a menahel ruchani in the Slutsk yeshiva, headed by HaRav Isser Zalman Meltzer. In this home, which was totally devoted to Torah, she received her basic education, and throughout her life, her father's mesirus nefesh for Torah was her guiding light. It was with great longing that she frequently told her children and grandchildren how her father had risked his life to spread Torah.

In 5691 (1931), she came with her family to Eretz Hakodesh, where her father was appointed rosh yeshiva of the Or Zoreiach yeshiva in Yaffo. Later on, her parents opened a guest house in Tel Aviv, frequented by many gedolei Yisroel.

She married HaRav Yechiel Wilensky, one of the finest students of the Lomza yeshiva of Petach Tikvah and, indeed, one of the finest yeshiva students in Eretz Yisroel. Throughout her life, she devoted herself to enabling her husband to study undisturbed, assuming full responsibly for the maintenance of their household. In Tel Aviv, she was well known for her remarkable chesed, and would send food packages to the poor and unfortunate.

After the petirah of her illustrious husband, she set up a kollel in his name. She gave it all of her support. She was happy to live each month so that she could support the kollel for which she used the pension of her husband. She also helped publish his chidushim.

On motzei Shabbos 18 Shevat she was hospitalized, and returned her pure soul to its Maker in the hospital suddenly the next day. Her levaya, which left from the beis medrash in Ramat Elchonon where she had davened, was attended by a large crowd. Before the levaya left for the cemetery, hespedim were delivered.

HaRav Eliezer Ozer, rosh kollel of the Lomza Kollel of Petach Tikvah, spoke about her refinement and the manner in which she helped her husband at all times. HaRav Benzion Felman, a rav of Nachlas Moshe, noted that she symbolized the previous generation's greatness. Her son-in-law, Reb Shmuel Chaim Domb, spoke about her love of Torah, her noble character traits and her modesty. Her son-in-law, HaRav Shmuel Palei cited her deep love of Torah. He related that when she heard about the Shabbos desecration caused by the moving the turbine last year, she burst into bitter tears.

Prior to the closing of the grave, her son HaRav Sholom Wilensky delivered a hesped, in which he noted her trait of being satisfied with little.

She is survived by two sons, Reb Yaakov, a prominent avreich in Bnei Brak, and Reb Sholom, director and founder of the Toras Yechiel yeshiva, Bircas Moshe yeshiva, two kollelim and the cheder Zichru Toras Moshe, as well as by two daughters, one married to Reb Shmuel Chaim Domb, the other to Reb Shmuel Palei. She is also survived by grandchildren and great-grandchildren, all of whom are continuing along the path she charted for them during her lifetime.

She is buried in the Netzivei Ponevezh cemetery in Bnei Brak, beside her husband.


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