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Lev Malka Camp
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

A group of fifty seriously ill young cancer and dialysis patients returned to Israel two weeks ago after enjoying a unique camp in the United States. Lev Malka, an organization active in many medical and chessed activities, organized this unique camp.

The young patients met with top American doctors who studied the children's treatments and suggested additional options for coping with their illnesses where they were warranted.

This year's camp was initiated by the parents of a child who had participated in a similar camp last year and had been greatly helped by the organization. This child's condition has greatly improved, and today he has received a clean bill of health. After consulting organization rabbonim, it was decided to hold the camp again this year for it improves both the physical and emotional health of the children.

The trip involved complicated arrangements, including hotels, kosher facilities, and the appointments with specialists.

The children and their parents visited the Kosel right before the trip, where they beseeched Hashem for a full recovery. On motzei Shabbos, 18 Shevat, the children boarded the plane, and left for the United States with hearts full of hope The group was warmly welcomed by the staff and security personnel of Continental Airlines.

The group was greeted in America by a musical band, and a group of New Yorkers who danced and entertained the children. A number of United States senators also greeted the children; children from New York brought them presents.

The children began medical examinations on Sunday, and between one blood test and another, went out to play in a nearby park. Throughout the day, they were visited by American rabbonim. The following week, a group of children went to Boston to undergo tests to determine the treatment options available for them in the United States. One child was advised to undergo treatment in Boston at a place specializing in his type of cancer. After discussing the issue with his parents, it was decided to keep the boy there with his family coming from Israel under the sponsorship of Lev Malka.

The children also visited the amusement park in Orlando.

When the group returned to Eretz Yisroel, the Ben Gurion Airport authorities allowed the Lev Malka volunteers and the children's families to welcome them outside of the plane rather than have to wait for them in the terminal.

Rabbi Aharon Berman, chairman of Lev Malka, was very pleased by the results of the camp, and by the fact that the children returned energized and strengthened in their will to live. He announced that another camp would be held on Purim in Jerusalem for a group of children who couldn't join the trip to America because of their condition at the time.


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