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Siyum Celebrated
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

The members of Adass Yeshurun (Manchester) celebrated their annual siyum of Shisho Sidrei Mishna on Sunday night -- Parshas Yisro.

Everyone had participated in learning. The various masechtos were shared out amongst young and old alike.

The seudah was held in the Machzikei Hadass hall and the event was enjoyed by all. Dayan Krauz, former rov of the shul, said the hadran and Rabbi D. Ebbing was honored with beginning the first mishna in Brochos.

The rov of the shul, Rav Y. Wreschner, spoke about the shul's reputation for decorum. He jokingly suggested that it was necessary for members to meet outside of shul to talk to each other as this rightly does not occur during davening.

Basing himself on comments of Rashi, he explained how the unity of individuals can bring to a unity of purpose for avodas Hashem. Stressing the importance of a kehilloh he exhorted members to make every effort to attend the daily tefillos. This being in addition to the concept of kevias mokom letefilloh.

The Rov also encouraged people to come forward to assist in prospective plans for expansion of the existing facilities. The shul is currently host to an afternoon kollel and a number of varied shiurim, including Reb Simcha Bamberger's excellent Daf Yomi Shiur.

The guest speaker, Rabbi S. Goldberg (Damesek Eliezer) mentioned the warm welcome he always receives when he davens in the shul. He commended the kovod beis haknesses shown and gave his brocho that this should continue.

Appropriately for a kehilloh founded by yotzei Ashkenaz he quoted from the writings of Rav S. R. Hirsch. With reference to Korbon Pesach in Mitzrayim, the blood of which was placed on the door- posts and lintel of the houses, he connected this with the haftorah of the week to illustrate that both home and shul are places for avodas Hashem.

The evening was capably chaired by Mr. A. Schwalbe and Rabbi B. Cohen bensched.


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