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EURO-K.I.M. -- A New Kosher Quality Standard
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Recent years have seen an incredible growth in the kosher food industry, allowing the creation of various types of rabbinical supervision. Therefore, the need for some definition of kosher quality standard is required, now more than ever.

In an effort to do just that, four of Europe's most prestigious and highly regarded chareidi kehillos -- Kedassia (Kashrus committee of the UOHC, London), Isarelitische Religionsgesellschaft (I.K.G., Zurich), Machzikei Hadass (Manchester) and Machzikei Hadass (Antwerp) -- have joined to form a new kosher standard called EURO- K.I.M.

K.I.M. stands for Kosher International Mehadrin, as well as for Kedassia, I.R.G. and Machzikei Hadass (Manchester and Antwerp).

EURO-K.I.M. aims to develop standards for kashrus supervision; to provide manufacturers with friendly and efficient supervision service; to encourage manufacturers to look for reputable rabbinical supervision; to guarantee consumers reliable supervision; to be in cooperation with other serious rabbinical organizations all over the world; and to increase public awareness of the existence of quality rabbinical supervision.

Its members are kehillos shomrei Torah umitzvos where supervising rabbis and dayanim assure reliable supervision encompassing absolutely all stages of production, and receive a fixed salary from their kehilla, regardless of the quantity of hechsherim or products produced.

The kashrus supervisors are to have no hand in the financial administration of the supervision.

The new organization will concentrate its efforts on promoting the idea of EURO-K.I.M. and the cooperation among a number of kehillos it represents to consumers and manufacturers alike.

The first stage, financing of this new organization, which will be shared by all the members of kehillos, will go towards promoting the organization and its logo through newspaper and magazine advertisements.

EURO-K.I.M. will also be promoted at kosher food trade shows in Europe and the United States.

The first trade show will take place in Paris this month.

The Europe Kosher May 10-15 show will be the first and largest kosher show in Europe; more than 5,000 professionals from Israel, Europe and the United States are expected to attend. A catalogue is currently being made especially for the show.

Businesses and organizations wishing to advertise in it or at the EURO-K.I.M. stand at the show should contact the event coordinator, Mrs. N. Reh, at (323) 293 3573 or at the constituent kehillos' offices.

Invitations for the show will gladly be provided to all professionals, upon request, at the above phone number.


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