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Thank Hashem for Daily Miracles

We must heartily thank Hashem for the wonderful way He has saved us over the past weeks. The dizzying speed with which events follow one upon the other, makes it hard to fully appreciate what He has been doing for us recently, but it is worthwhile to at least make an attempt. With all the pain and sorrow there is for those innocent souls who have been murdered by terrorists, we must be very grateful for the horrible events that have been averted.

To recall just some of the recent events: A week ago a bus driver found a bomb inside of a watermelon. It was dealt with safely by police sappers. A suicide bomber in Afula was caught by police when his bomb failed to explode. A would-be suicide backed out in Haifa and led police to his bombs. Late last week a 16-year-old was pushed off of a bus together with the suitcase he was carrying. Police said that if the bomb had gone off in the bus, there would have been little left of the vehicle or its passengers. A 23-year-old woman was stopped in the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station on Friday with a deadly bomb.

This is all in addition to hundreds of "routine" shooting incidents in which no one is hurt.

There is no doubt that we all owe tremendous gratitude to Hashem. However, we also note the individual mesirus nefesh that characterizes some of the incidents, and also the general efforts that are made by all the security services operating at high alert.

To its credit, the political arm of the government has not engaged in the gratuitous and often hollow-sounding bragging that many Israeli politicians enjoyed in the past. They have maintained a low-key approach that tries to take a moderate road that restrains the extremists from all directions.

It seems to us that they are also taking an approach to defense new to Israeli governments. For over fifty years the Israeli approach to conflict with our neighbors has been the policy originally laid down by the Left-wing politicians in the early days of the State: wait until the Arabs do something and then retaliate as you choose.

This was the approach followed from the Six Day War, when Israel was responding to the closing of the Straits of Tiran to Israeli shipping by Egypt, through the Yom Kippur War when critics say that Israel waited very long to even mobilize its reserves so as to make it absolutely clear that the war was an Egyptian initiative, and it was even in force just over a year ago when Israel withdrew (or retreated) from south Lebanon, when the prime minister and foreign ministers declared very loudly that now they would feel free to retaliate massively to any attack from Hizbullah.

The policy of targeted attacks on terrorists is a significant departure from this old approach. It takes the initiative in attacking and often eliminating identified terrorists while minimizing casualties of bystanders.

Let us hope and pray that we be worthy of the continuation of these miracles and that Hashem agrees that we have had enough troubles.

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