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Home and Family
A Good Shidduch for Yeshaya'le

by Yisca Shimony

The widow Rochel Leah Cheshin stood in her little kitchen, kashering some bones for the cholent. She felt relieved to be able to supply her family with `meat' for Shabbos, as well as fish, vegetables and even a watermelon for dessert. "Boruch Hashem!" She felt the helping hand of Hashem.

Since the death of her husband, R' Yitzchok Cheshin, the burden of supporting her family fell upon her shoulders and she could barely make ends meet. Still, her nine children were adequately fed and clothed and she was grateful for that.

There was a knock on the door and without ceremony, Gittel her kind-hearted neighbor walked in. She was glad to see Rochel Leah preparing food for Shabbos. "I see you received your payment on time," she commented. "Thank G- d!"

"Mending clothes does bring in enough for our immediate needs."

Gittel looked intently at Rochel Leah and saw a wrinkle between the brows, a sure sign of worry. "Feeding the family is of prime importance, I know. And we must not complain. But what about Shayele? It's time you considered a shidduch for him."

Rochel Leah looked up and met Gittel's gaze. "It's hard enough to worry about food for the family and immediate expenses. Any worries beyond that, like shidduchim, is beyond me," she answered simply.

Gittel felt sorry for the young widow and sighed. "It's not easy, I know. But listen, Yeshaya is a brilliant boy. You must find the best shidduch for him, otherwise his abilities will be wasted."

"I know he is a treasure, but what can I do? I can only keep up my firm bitochon that Hashem will bring forth the right match. Meanwhile, there haven't been any matchmakers pounding on my door..."

Reflecting a moment, she added realistically, "In the not-so-distant past, matchmakers demanded from the girl's side a hefty dowry for every boy who was considered a fine Torah scholar. Nowadays, it's different. The financial burden falls evenly on both sides. Of course, I know that in His marvelous ways, Hashem can make it happen..." She left the rest unsaid and fell silent.

"I hope the right girl will show up soon. But if only the shadchonim could come up with some ideas," Rochel Leah added as an afterthought.

"Actually, there are two ways to arouse the interest of the matchmakers!" said Gittel in her practical manner. "Either you have lots of money or something equivalent, like a good name. Since money you haven't got, we'll just have to stimulate their interest in Shayele's abilities and good name."

"And how do you think we can go about doing that?" asked Rochel Leah quizzically. "What, actually, are you driving at?"

"I think that Hagaon R' Yehoshua Leib Diskin, the Brisker Rov, can help you in this matter. I have a plan. I know that R' Yaakov Orenstein learns together with R' Yehoshua Leib. All we must do is get them to agree to include Yeshayele in their chavrusa! You'll see how all the matchmakers in Yerusholayim will come running!"

"I wonder..." Rochel Leah smiled. She was grateful to Gittel for taking so much interest in her problems. "It might just work. Go ahead and try to talk those great rabbis into agreeing. As for me, I certainly have no objections! But I can't be the one to do it, either."

Gittel walked out of the house and went directly to the home of R' Diskin of Brisk. She presented her plan and he agreed. Thus it happened that Yeshayale Cheshin, all of eighteen, was included in the elite chavrusa of those two world famous Torah scholars.

The news spread and people started praising Yeshayele's abilities. But others became envious and wanted to do the same. Why exclude other young geniuses from this exceptional learning group? Indeed, why not expand it?

It was R' Noach Hacohen, a noted Torah scholar and disciple of the Ksav Sofer, who approached R' Yaakov Orenstein and asked that his son, also considered an iluy, come and join the elite group. "My son is just as good as Yeshaya. Why not include him as well?"

"How can you compare the two?" said R' Orenstein. "Why, can't you remember that at the age of fifteen, Yeshaya Cheshin already gave shiurim in Yesod v'Shoresh ho'Avoda? He had the entire city of Yerosholayim touting his praises. He has truly proved himself an exceptional boy. You can't compare him to any of his peers."

R' Noach Hacohen stood there somewhat abashed. He desperately wanted his son to join this special group, but he had been bluntly rejected. His pride was hurt, but something could be done to salvage it.

"R' Yaakov, I have a fine daughter of marriageable age. What do you say to a shidduch between her and your disciple, young Yeshaya Cheshin?"

It was a match made in heaven, and the two were soon married. They lived together happily ever after for over fifty years.


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