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UTJ Representatives Meet With Prime Minister Sharon
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

The UTJ Knesset members met with Ariel Sharon in the prime minister's office on 25 Tammuz. They requested the meeting to protest Foreign Affairs Minister Shimon Peres' Shabbos meeting with Yasser Arafat at the International Socialist conference in Spain.

The UTJ representatives also raised the issue of the Israel Electric Company's transfer of a shipment on Shabbos a few weeks ago, an act that involved massive Shabbos desecration.

They noted that while the previous Government, headed by Ehud Barak, continually undermined Shabbos and other religious values, the public hopes that the current Government will avoid such offenses that offend the sensitivities of hundreds of thousands of Shabbos-observant Jews in Israel and throughout the world.

Prime Minister Sharon said that he accepts the UTJ position, and that unequivocal guidelines will be issued to government ministers not to hold any official meetings or activities on Shabbos.

Sharon said that he has issued orders to prevent a recurrence of the Shabbos transport of heavy equipment by the Israel Electric Company.

At the meeting, the rabbis stressed the need to anchor all funding for the chareidi sector in the State budget as regular items in order to prevent the need for yearly negotiations on these clauses.

Rabbi Shmuel Halpert asked Prime Minister Sharon to discuss the need to preserve the 784 Romanian Jewish cemeteries at his upcoming meeting with the Romanian prime minister. Rabbi Halpert suggested the passing of a Romanian law to accord special status to cemetery areas. Sharon agreed to raise this issue at his meeting with the Romanian prime minister.

Sharon gave the members an extensive report of the current political and security situation, noting that the Government aims to maintain the security of its citizens, prevent terror, preserve the unity government, and maintain a favorable relationship with the United States.


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