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Keren Lekiruv Yisroel's Cornerstone-Laying Ceremony in Yokneam
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

On Rosh Chodesh Sivan in the presence of many prominent rabbonim and numerous guests, Rav Sender Dominitz, guest of honor, headed the cornerstone-laying ceremony for the impressive three story building of Merkaz HaTorah in Yokneam, in the north of Israel near Haifa.

Participating in the event were HaRav Yaakov Edelstein, HaRav Yaakov Meir Zonnenfeld, the rabbi of Yokneam, and other public figures. Some 500 guests participated in the cornerstone-laying ceremony.

The building has been designed to serve many functions. A beis hamedrash, beis knesses, kollel, talmud Torah and mikveh are all on premises, as are a library and conference hall. Two private flats to accommodate guest speakers and families that travel to Yokneam for kiruv seminars and cultural activities are also located within this impressive structure.

This great project will eventually cater to thousands of baalei teshuvah in Yokneam and surrounding villages.

Though Keren Lekiruv Yisroel is fully involved in some thirty institutions, Yokneam is their pride. Beginning as a fledgling community eighteen years ago, the Keren's activists were zocheh to build a thriving kehilloh of over a thousand souls.

The momentous event took place just two weeks after R' Sender Dominitz and his wife returned from Moscow, where they had participated in the chanukas habayis of the impressive three story Bais Yaakov Teacher Seminary which will house a hundred pupils. That building was built under the guidance of Keren Lekiruv Yisroel headed by R' Dominitz, while Reb Dovid Ludzker, the executive director of Keren Lekiruv Yisroel's Russian outreach program, raised the majority of the necessary funds.

R' Sender Dominitz started his kiruv work during World War II nearly 60 years ago, and is well known as one of the pioneers of kiruv in our times. His outstanding work was made possible largely due to the help of loyal financial supporters in London, Europe, United States and Israel, all of whom have a great cheilek in this important mitzvoh of kiruv Am Yisroel.

The organization urgently needs donations of tefillin and financial help to provide for its ever-increasing activities. Donations can be made out to Tevini c/o Reb Dominitz, 43 Osbaldeston Rd., London N16 7DL; or Keren Lekiruv Yisroel, 11/2 Nodah Beyehudah, Kiryat Sefer, Israel.


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