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Section of Trans-Israel Highway to Open In a Year
by S. Fried

The second stage of the Trans-Israel Highway: the section between Nachshonim and Rosh Ha'ayin and kibbutz Eyal will open to traffic by February 2002, according to senior Traffic Ministry officials.

The section was due to open only at the conclusion of paving of the first 90 kilometers of the toll road planned between Hadera and Gedera. It was recently decided to open the road earlier than scheduled. The other sections will be opened gradually until the middle of 2004 after paving of the highway -- called Highway Number 6 -- has been completed.

Excavation of the two tunnels in the Tel Charid area of the Ben Shemen forest has begun. The tunnels are intended to prevent damage to the area's natural environment. The two tunnels will have six lanes, spanning 455 meters per lane.

Minister Shachak stressed the importance of such wide lanes, especially now. "The recent Arab uprising proves the importance of alternate roads," he said.

The second bridge of the Kasem exchange route, which is 750 meters long, will be open to traffic in the beginning of March. The bridge will enable one-direction of vehicular traffic on each one of the bridges. They will also be open to heavy trucks and vehicles.

More than NIS 20 million have been invested in building the highway's center of operations at the Nachshonim junction which is expected to be completed this month. The center is a replica of the operational center on Toll Highway 407 in Toronto. The center will supervise road maintenance and the toll collection system.

More than 1500 workers are employed on the first 45 kilometers of the road, where 400 heavy mechanical machines are in use. Every month, over NIS 80 million are invested in this section.

Yehuda Wilk, the outgoing Police Commissioner, has been appointed as director of the company operating the Trans- Israel Highway. It is being built by the Derech Eretz company, in which Africa-Israel, Shikun Ubinui and a Canadian enterprise own equal shares.


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