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Bone Marrow Donors Needed Urgently
by A. Cohen

In a special campaign to save the life of a four-year-old, the volunteers of the Ezer Mitzion organized a special test day for potential volunteers for a bone marrow transplant.

The examination day will take place this forthcoming Tuesday, election day, all over the country in the branches of Ezer Mitzion, and in the Oranit Center in Petach Tikvah, as well as in the Magen David Adom stations. Within the framework of this campaign, samples of hundreds of thousands of people will be taken and then placed in the pool of potential blood donors founded by Oranit-Ezer Mitzion. The purpose of this bank is save the lives of as many cancer patients as possible.

The purpose of this particular campaign is to save the life of Naama Biton, a four-year-old who suffers from blood cancer and urgently needs blood marrow. The donor bank in Israel hasn't even one donor whose tissues match hers, and who can save her life.

The Oranit-Ezer Mitzion bank currently has 60,000 potential donors, thanks to the drive conducted by Ezer Mitzion. Recently, the bank grew impressively and has helped to coordinate 14 matches between donors and cancer victims, saving their lives.

After the blood tests are made, test tubes will be sent to America for an examination of their genetic characteristics and suitability. If a suitable donor is found, he will undergo a very simple process similar to a regular blood donation. This process is likely to save Naama's life.

The public is asked to help save the life of little Naama and to join the circle of donors founded by Ezer Mitzion.

Additional information regarding the campaign may be obtained at the information center of Ezer Mitzion. Free calls at 1-800-373-100, or from any cellular phone, *5742.


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