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Otzros Haketzos On The Daf
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

An interesting project is taking shape in the halls of Slobodke Yeshiva in Bnei Brak. It is a project whose goal is to clarify the words and shittah of the Ketzos HaChoshen, one of the major commentaries on Shulchan Oruch Choshen Mishpot, on all the sugyos of Shas.

At present, the project, entitled Otzros Haketzos, appears as a weekly page that accompanies the yeshiva study on each sugya, and presents the shittah of the Ketzos on each topic. The man behind this project is Rabbi Avrohom Kosman, a ram at the Slobodke Yeshiva. In a conversation with the Yated he tells about his plans and goals.

YATED: Can you tell us about your project?

RAV KOSMAN: Each page presents a topic related to the sugya. We present the basic opinions of Rishonim and Acharonim and then contrast them with the viewpoint of the Ketzos (and other seforim by the same author, such as the Avnei Miluim and Shev Shemaytzo.)

For example on the sugya of "Migu" we present seven interpretations and then contrast them with the Ketzos. Another example is the sugya of Maaseh Kinyon, where we present four interpretations and then show how the Ketzos fits into the picture.

YATED: How did this project begin?

RAV KOSMAN: There's an interesting story about the background of this program. I had just completed a six year project, taping Shas in English at a pace of 20 minutes per daf, popularly called Master Daf. Looking for a new challenge, I discussed the issue with the Slobodke Rosh Yeshiva, R' Moshe Hillel Hirsh, and he suggested a seder to master the four big Acharonim: Ketzos, Nesivos, Rav Akiva Eiger, and Machaneh Efraim. The original plan was a 10 year program, with the first 2 years devoted to the Ketzos, a page a week. For various reasons the plan did not work out but B'H the Otzros idea was then born.

YATED: At this stage what masechtos are available?

RAV KOSMAN: We have Otzros available on masechta Kiddushin and Bava Basra -- third perek.

At this point I want to invite all yeshivos and individuals who feel this project will benefit them to contact me by phone 03--579-4067 or email: and we will be happy to supply them with the latest otzros.


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