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Shearis Food Center Opens in Jerusalem

by B. Rabinowitz

At the initiative of Alshi (Avreichim Lema'an Shearis Yisroel) a special food center has opened in Jerusalem, where a wide variety of food products with the hechsher of the Badatz of Shearis Yisroel are sold. This important initiative was praised the city's bnei Torah.

For a long time, various elements have been attempting to prevent the marketing of products with the Shearis hechsher hamehudar in Jerusalem stores and supermarkets, despite the demand of the Torah community for such products.

An extensive investigation has indicated that the intervention of these elements caused serious inconvenience to bnei Torah who prefer Shearis products.

The investigation also revealed that grocers and supermarket owners to whom complaints were directed tried to just push off their large clientele with various excuses. As a result, Alshi set up of a place where one can purchase a wide selection of products with the Shearis hechsher, the hechsher preferred by bnei Torah.

The sale takes place in the Shearis Yisroel food center under the management of Machsan Habasar. Machsan Habasar has been successfully functioning for a long time, offering special services and reduced prices on a wide variety of meat and poultry products.

The food center directors have announced that food products will be sold at very low prices, and that they will soon expand their line of products for the benefit of the bnei Torah community of Jerusalem. For orders, call: 02- 6510644, or 02-6426598.

Meanwhile, a campaign to reduce the prices of Taam Man poultry has been has been enthusiastically received by bnei Torah and the entire chareidi community. Taam Man poultry is under the supervision of the Badatz of Shearis Yisroel. The campaign was organized by Alshi to encourage the sale of chickens with the Shearis hechsher which our great poskim have said should be preferred by bnei Torah.

The special price offered by Alshi during the campaign is NIS 18.95 per kilogram for chickens of sizes 1-3.

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