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Anti-religious Elements Seek to Prevent Operation of Bayit Vegan Pool

by Eliezer Rauchberger

The Kiryat Yovel Community Administration and some of its secular residents are trying to prevent the operation of a swimming pool in Kiryat Yovel that would serve the chareidi community and its needs. Several years ago the Taylor pool did operate during the summers under the same conditions, closing on Shabbos and offering only separate-sex swimming.

Opponents of the pool are resorting to all sorts of means and have even enlisted the local, secular papers on their behalf.

Last week the Kiryat Yovel Community Administration sent a letter to the entrepreneur who is seeking to operate the pool. In the letter, they threaten to take action if the pool operators do not withdraw their plans. The letter reads: "We, residents of the western neighborhoods of the city and the Community Administration of Kiryat Yovel, notify you that every attempt on your part to open the Taylor swimming pool for women and men separately and to close it on Shabbos and holidays will be met with an uncompromising battle. We will not enable you to use the Kiryat Yovel pool in a manner which does not benefit its residents."

The Community Administration and Kiryat Yovel secular residents who are fighting against the separate pool have gone so far as to form a special committee to coordinate their plans. Religious and chareidi residents of Kiryat Yovel and nearby Bayit Vegan said: "This opposition stems from anti- religious motives. It is a disgrace that those who speak about freedom and civil rights do not enable others to actualize their rights only because they are religious. We will not be intimidated by threats and we will come en masse to the pool the moment it opens. Threats won't help anyone. We also live here, and we have the right for a separate swimming pool where Shabbos is not desecrated."

They added that in the present situation, in which the Community Administration takes a one-sided stance and represents only secular residents of the neighborhood, they have no choice but to set up a separate Community Administration to represent their needs.

The operators of the separate-swimming pool have made it clear that they will not yield to threats and pressures.

The initiators announced that the moment the pool opens they will provide door-to-door transportation for Bayit Vegan residents throughout the hours that the pool is open.

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