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Work To Marry off the Children Joyfully and Honorably

By Chaim Walder

The recent discussion about the need to solve the problem of the expense of marrying off children brought a wave of responses. What was truly remarkable, however, was the nationwide organizing of avreichim and communal activists to seriously and practically address this need.

There is a group of Yerushalmi activists and educators whose goal is to find a way to ease the pressure on parents. They suggested ideas and formulated a plan, but although they feel that everyone wants a solution, it is difficult to be sure.

After many consultations and deliberations, a logical, practical plan was prepared to set up every couple in its own apartment with a reasonable effort by the parents and no burden on the young couple.

The organizers established "The Committee to Marry off Children Joyfully and Honorably" under the auspices of HaRav Ezriel Auerbach and HaRav Yehuda Silman.

But before the practical work begins, the committee members expressed a need to receive the declared trust of the bnei Torah public. Is the public at all interested in takonos? Maybe it prefers the existing situation. Perhaps there are people in the community who have enough money to buy apartments for all of their children. It is true that many people request takonos, but maybe they are in the minority?

Another reason to turn to the community is the effectiveness of the takonos. The hope is to make takonos that would obligate the general public and be enforced by the roshei yeshiva and seminary principals. The only way to do this in our society is to have tens of thousands of signatures of avreichim and their families that would make clear to themselves and others that they are willing to accept the takonos of gedolei hador to solve the problem of marrying off their children.

The signing began last Wednesday, mainly in kollelim in Yerushalayim and Bnei Brak, and there are already about 1800 signatures. This is without any advertising, just word of mouth. By the time this article is published, the petition will have reached the seminaries and yeshivos, and the number will have grown and possibly doubled.

Below is a translation of the letter that will soon be distributed in chareidi neighborhoods throughout the country. Readers who care can cut out the letter, get as many signatures as possible, and send it to P. O. Box 57666, Jerusalem, or fax it to 03-579-0065 in Bnei Brak or 02-653- 7372 in Yerushalayim.

This is the letter:

The Committee for Marrying off Children Joyfully and Honorably

Under the auspices of the rabbonim geonim shlita

HaRav Ezriel Auerbach, HaRav Yehuda Silman

P. O. Box 57666 Yerushalayim

Bs'd Teves 5760

"A time to do for Hashem"

With the kindness of Hashem yisborach, we have merited "ki hirchiv Hashem lonu uporinu bo'oretz, that Hashem has expanded us and we were fruitful in the land."

The chareidi community that fears Hashem grew and developed, and our families are large and blessed with children kein yirbu. When the children reach marriageable age, a heavy millstone falls on the parents' neck, when they must marry off their children properly, and parents who want to bring their children to the chuppah are buckling under the financial burden that is too heavy to bear.

Because they generally do not have much money, the parents are forced to take out loans and financial obligations that they are unable to pay back, and the expenses are terrible and who can fathom the consequences. Many could not withstand the burden and broke physically and emotionally; there were even horrible cases where people collapsed under the burden and their life was cut off Rachmono litzlan. The public is crying out: How long will this go on?

A few communal activists therefore gathered together, and we accepted upon ourselves to save the soul of yirei Hashem vechoshvei shemo and to return the simcha and honor to Yiddishe homes. Then be'ezras Hashem, soon the sound of the chosson and kalla will truly be heard together with rejoicing and happiness.

We ask thousands and tens of thousands of bnei Yisroel to trust and depend on us to act in the public's name and enact this great tikkun.

"We, the undersigned, accept upon ourselves all that the chachmei hador shlita instruct us in enacting resolutions for the purpose of marrying off our children besiyato deShmaya, besho'oh tova umutzlachas."

Signed: Name__________________________ Address_________________________________________ Telephone____________

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