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Shearis Yisroel at Vacation Spots

by B. Rabinowitz

Shearis Yisroel has received numerous requests from institutions, organizations, seminars and yeshivas asking them to kasher vacation sites for the chareidi community during the summer.

The kashrus network is responding by working at an unprecedented scope to meet these requests for places which are supposed to cater to thousands of people this summer. Various organizations, including Lev L'Achim, Toda'a and yeshivas and seminaries from all over the country have already registered in the kashrus department to open vacation sites after supervisors have completed arrangements for kashering and around-the-clock supervision.


Shearis kashrus supervisors discovered many difficult problems over the years in sites that they inspected, indicating that people who are meticulous about kashrus and tsnius throughout the year often become lax during the summer. Many rely on misleading advertisements claiming that all products have outstanding hechsherim. Unfortunately, often the special mashgiach of which these places boast receives his salary directly from the owner of the site creating an obvious conflict of interest.

Inspectors and mashgichim arriving at vacation sites in order to kasher them have related that owners of these sites often rely on various heteirim that are normally not used by bnei Torah. "It should be clear to all that many stumbling blocks and conflicts of interest arise when the owner of a concern gives himself his own hechsher. Such a situation can have unpleasant consequences," one of the inspectors told Yated Ne'eman.

As awareness of this issue is increasing, more people are demanding that summer vacation spots have formal hechsherim. Shearis Yisroel adheres to strict arrangements in line with instructions issued by its BaDaTz.

The arrangements entail complete kashering of all kitchen utensils, equipment and surfaces, as well as clear guidelines regarding the use of raw materials.

Procedures regarding Shabbos, tsnius, bishul akum, the separation of milchig and fleishig, etc., are also determined for the vacation periods. A mashgiach temidi is appointed, who is responsible for the site's kitchen and complete grounds as well as supervision of the eruv. The BaDaTz of Shearis has appointed a special supervisory kashrus inspector to be responsible for kashrus in all the vacation sites under its supervision.

Observers note that reliable kashrus supervision at vacation sites is vital in order to maintain the kashrus and halachic standards to which we adhere year round.

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