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Strike in Offices of the Nonprofit Organizations Registrar Causes Difficulty to Thousands of Organizations

by Betzalel Kahn

New decisions stipulated that all organizations that receive government funding through the Ministry of Religions must present a certificate attesting to their proper administration signed by the Nonprofit Organizations Registrar. The original deadline was last Tuesday, but due to the strike in the offices of the Registrar, receiving these certifications was nearly impossible and the deadline has been extended for a month.

UTJ MK Rabbi Moshe Gafni was instrumental in gaining the extra time. "In addition to the fact that this decision was inadequately publicized and most of the non- profit organizations are unaware of it, personnel of the Non- profit Organization Registrar are conducting sanctions which prevent them from processing the affidavits," Rabbi Gafni wrote Minster Chaim Ramon about the problem.

Yoav Keren, Minister Ramon's public relations advisor, replied that both Rabbi Moshe Gafni and Rabbi Meir Porush had spoken to him about the matter. They later decided that the request was legitimate and extended the deadline.

As stipulated by a government decision of October 1998, every nonprofit organization seeking the support of a government office for the fiscal year 2000 must provide the allocating ministry with a certificate from the Nonprofit Organizations Registrar attesting to its proper administration, including the keeping of proper records. However, an additional decision by the Ministerial Committee for Affairs of State Control determined that such applications had to be filed by the end of November 1999: in other words, by this past Tuesday.

It should be noted that the original decision of the Ministerial Committee for Affairs of State Control which received the status of a government decision in October `98 designated a later date: the 30th of April of every year, including the year 2000.

An examination conducted last week by Shlomo Weiss, a tax advisor in the office of the Nonprofit Organizations Registrar, indicated that until now, few applications for such certification have been filed in time for the year 2000, while 10,000 nonprofit organizations have received at least some sort of government grant in the past year.

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