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False Charges Against Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Klein

by B. Rabinowitz

Secretary of the Beersheba Rabbinical Court, Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Klein, reacted very sharply at the end of last week to negative media reports claiming he had accepted bribes in exchange for conducting fictitious conversions. "Various politicians wove a wicked, malicious libel against me. There is absolutely no basis to the charges," Rabbi Klein told Yated Ne'eman.

Last week, the media reported that the head secretary of the Beersheba Rabbinical Court, Rabbi Shlomo Klein, along with the head secretary of the Tel Aviv Rabbinical Court, Rabbi Dovid Einhorn, had been arrested on suspicion of having conducted fictitious conversions in exchange for bribery, as well as on suspicion of forging documents.

Rabbi Klein's lawyer, Benny Nahari, said that the source of the charges is an error. After Rabbi Klein's replies satisfied the police investigators and it became clear that he wasn't involved in the affair in any way, the investigators also concluded that he was erroneously detained in the police station. As a result, he was sent home without any restricting conditions.

Nahari said that unlike what was said in news reports, Rabbi Klein was not arrested, and thus not released on bail; nor was he prevented from leaving the country. He is currently at home and under no legal restrictions, on a brief vacation. "I unequivocally attest that Rabbi Klein was not dismissed from his job for even one day. Whoever says this is spreading misinformation," Nahari said.

Rabbi David Einhorn, secretary of the Rabbinical Court of Tel Aviv, also adamantly told Yated Ne'eman that the charges against him are false. He said that he was never arrested and therefore never released on bail and all the allegations against him are totally untrue.

Over the past year, various political entities in Beersheba have been trying to blacken Rabbi Klein's name whenever possible, and they are apparently responsible for this affair, too.

Two years ago, Rabbi Klein received a special citation as the most outstanding employee in all of the rabbinical courts in the country in recognition of the great dedication and efficiency with which he runs the Beersheba and Eilat Rabbinical Courts. All who come in contact with him on a daily basis in the rabbinical court praise him for his sympathetic and warm attitude toward those who turn to him or to the court with their problems. He is also very respected for his dedication to locating husbands who abandoned their wives. In many instances he actually risked his life to free agunos from their shackles.

Rabbi Klein and his wife are also well-known for the hospitality they extend to all in need. Their home is located near the Siroka Medical Center in Beersheba and nearly every week, people who must be near relatives in the hospital spend Shabbos with the Klein family.

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