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Bnei Brak: Trying to be Clean on Pesach -- and the Year Round

by A. Cohen

Approximately 18,000 tons of refuse were thrown away and disposed of during the Bnei Brak Municipality Operation Pesach. 9,000 tons were disposed of during the previous month, according to a report presented by the Bnei Brak Sanitation Department to Mayor Rabbi Mordechai Karelitz and Deputy Mayor Rabbi Shmuel Levinger, head of the Bnei Brak Sanitation Department.

Operation Pesach, conducted by the director of the Sanitation Department, Morris Kokach and department advisor Albert Vaknin, began immediately after Purim. Scores of additional trucks, compressors and Sanitation Department personnel manned two shifts a day. The garbage disposal operation included widespread removal of refuse from yards and bomb shelters.

Ten days before the holiday, household refuse was collected daily, unlike in other cities where it is collected only every other day. City officials have asked city residents to remove refuse from yards and shelters no later than ten days before the holiday, in order to facilitate regular daily garbage disposal.

On erev yom tov, 55 containers for the burning of chometz were placed in various areas throughout the city, so that the burning was done within their confines and so that pieces of chometz which were not completely burned would not remain in the city. By afternoon, all of these containers were discarded.

This year, there was also a Municipal contest for the cleanest yard, the greenest lawn and the neatest lobby in the city. The campaign slogan was: "We're all making seder [order]." The goal of that campaign was to call the attention of the residents to the importance of cleanliness both inside and outside the home.

The first prize, awarded to twenty top winners, was a silver platter, a gift of the Hadad Brothers. 50 second prize winners received a basket of cleaning products. The campaign, which was promoted on billboards, buses and by direct mail, was positively received by Bnei Brak residents.

After the holiday, the mayor and his deputy plan to work on new proposals for the city's refuse efforts. They plan to determine criteria for new collection installations, improvement of the exteriors of industrial areas, to propose the acquisition of additional garbage bins for main streets, solutions for the storage of refuse bins, the problems of empty lots, and the placing of alternate collection installations in the Pardes Katz market. In addition, special emphasis will be placed upon setting up student learning centers for education about environmental issues as well as meetings in which environmental quality will be discussed. The studies will be held under the direction of Rabbi Yisroel Moshe Friedman.

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