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How We Hope to Solve the Problems of the Middle East

Ignoring the advice of all the experienced negotiators who said not to offer anything without reciprocity from the Palestinians, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak laid just about all his cards onto the table with the Palestinians.

The Torah Universe: The Hunt
by Rabbi Nosson Slifkin

One morning I visited the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo to discuss a Torah-based guidebook that we were working on (it has now been published, under the title In Noah's Ark: Biblical Perspectives on the Zoo). Shmulik, the zoologist that I was speaking with, suddenly cut me short; he had to go and attend to a sick ibex.

Genuine Peace
by HaRav Avrohom Yosef Shapira

The following address was said at the Knesset following the return of HaRav AY. Shapira z'l to serve as a MK after being hospitalized. The topic of the speech was peace with Jordan and it was delivered in Av, 5754

From Bein HaMeitzorim to Bein HaZemanim
by HaRav Moshe Man

The period between Shivah Asar BeTammuz until after Tishah B'Av during which we observe minhogim of aveilus is called by Chazal in the beginning of Midrash Eichah, "the days of bein hameitzorim," based on the posuk "All her persecutors overtook her bein hameitzorim" (Eichah 1:3).

World Agudah Conference Discusses Eretz Yisroel, Jews in Former Soviet Lands, Cemetery Preservation
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

A number of issues of urgent concern to religious Jews around the world were addressed, debated and discussed over three days by the close to 100 Agudath Israel rabbinic and lay leaders from around the world who gathered here for the most recent conference of the international board of the Agudath Israel World Organization (AIWO -- the Vaad Hapoel Haolami).

A Question of Definition
by A. Yitzchaki

This past Lag b'Omer was relatively quiet, since no chareidi kids were given flags to burn by freelance photographers. But they won't have to wait until next Independence Day in order to nab flag desecraters. They don't have to send a bored photographer to pay a foolish kid to burn the flag in front of the camera.

Medicines Without Hechsher

To the Editor:

I would like to apprise our readers of a common phenomenon: the lack of attention to the problem of hechsherim on over-the-counter medicine.

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