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They Blindly Follow the High Court of "Just Us"

by P. Chovav

Not everyone in the world is enraged over the decision of the Iranian court to impose heavy punishments on the Jews who were accused of spying for Israel.

There is one country, Iran itself, whose millions of citizens totally back the decision of their High Court. They don't understand how it is possible to doubt the decision handed down according to all the legal rules of Iran. The Iranian media vehemently condemns those who dare to cast aspersions on the judges' decision.

The admiration of the Iranian masses for the bogus judicial system, didn't come into being in a day. It is the result of well-planned brain-washing that has been perpetrated by the Iranian media for many years. Day in day out, the media preaches the great lie to the masses: what a fabulous judicial system we have! Honest, decent judges, heads and shoulders above the crowd, judges who know how to draw the line between their personal world views and their obligation to the rule of the law, judges whom we should follow blindly, and through fire and brimstone.

Every word these wonderful judges utter is true, upright, wise and sincere.

And that is how, while the entire world sharply condemns the decision of the Iranian court, the entire Iranian media without exception, totally backs it. In order to complete the wicked, and cynical picture, some of the official newspapers in Iran claim that the judges have meted out far too lenient punishments due to international pressure.

The conscripted media in Iran stymies every comment or criticism against the court. It brainwashes the minds of the masses incessantly in respect to the supremacy of the judicial system over every other system. Every verdict, no matter how distorted, every judicial decision, no matter how absurd, receives the full backing of the media. Instead of condemning and decrying the crimes of the judicial system, it takes advantage of every opportunity to elevate the stature of the judges, and of course to launch an all out battle against whoever dares to hint at a problem.

A few cloaked Jew-haters siting on the bench, and with feigned cynicism play the game of justice and morality, and millions of brainwashed citizens look up to them with respect and admiration. No one questions them, and no one dares to stand up and decry the great lie and the terrible distortions. An entire nation believes that the heads of its judicial system are decent people, who are incapable of inflicting harm on anyone.

This intolerable situation shows the entire world how massive brainwashing can case millions of people to fully believe a total lie. Indeed, Iran isn't the only country in the world whose government and media control public opinion and does whatever it pleases with it. There are other countries like that, even in the Middle East--particularly in the region bordering Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon--in which the masses are not able to acknowledge any criticism of their judicial system. They have been so intensely brainwashed into believing that their judges are virtuous and unbiased, that the believe that whoever tries to criticize them, undermines the entire foundation of society.

Sometimes the injustice these countries perpetrate cries out to the Heavens. But they, like the Iranian mob, give their judges full support and backing. The media in these countries behave precisely like those in Iran these days with added gusto, and it works. One who holds the handle of the faucet that brainwashes the masses has the power to cause an entire nation to follow him like a flock of sheep.

Sometimes the lying system issues bona fide rulings, in order to try and present itself to the public as honest and upright. But in such cases, their truth is only a means, when its real purpose is to tailor justice and law to their pre- determined interests.

Like every beginning liar who understands that its worth it for him to have a few truths up his sleeve, because otherwise he won't be able to lie properly, so the most corrupt judicial system in the world tries here and there to issue a few verdicts for in favor of the very sector it so opposes, otherwise who will believe it?

The onlooker who sees the intensity of the rabble's admiration and total trust in its judicial system, is incredulous. Not only does untruth prevail there without restrictions, it is also defended by the media, as well as by the government and the rabble.

How does that work? What transforms so many people into a disciplined flock which trudges along in its furrow without asking questions? What is the cause of this massive feeble- mindedness? Don't they see? Are they all blind?

The dull-witted mass which is very offended when it is called "rabble" behaves precisely like dull-witted rabble. "By us" they say "only the High Court determines. It is the supreme authority. One may not doubt it or undermine it, even if the entire world opposes it."

Those people shower the highest accolades on the High Court, and are incapable of rising above themselves and thinking: "Perhaps the system is fooling the masses? Perhaps, it is wrong itself? Perhaps these judges first mark their goal and then shoot the arrow. Nothing. No questions, no incredulity. Millions of Homo-sapiens accord their judicial system unreserved belief. They are not only unwilling, but also incapable of fathoming that a handful of judges are functioning according to personal interests.

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