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Rebbitzin Fruma Rochel Altusky: The Creative Jewish Home

by Devora Piha

The Jewish home is a creative center. Everything of value begins in the home. By uplifting the level of creativity in the home, we can add to our families' happiness, enthusiasm and well being. Let's look at ways we may not have considered, with Rebbetizin Altusky, teacher for many decades of girls, seminary students and women.

Undecided? Or Not So Sure?
by R. Chadshai

A woman who moved house recently marvels at a friend of hers who chose new furniture with great ease. "They had some catalogues sent to the house, clarified a few points over the phone, and then ordered what they wanted." She herself prefers to see what she is getting, to touch, to ask countless questions, and then she goes home to measure up again to be sure the furniture will fit into the required space.

Only in Israel - The Remarkable Stranger
by Tzvia Ehrlich-Klein

Life sure is interesting here in Israel. Chazal say, "Even the mundane conversation of the people who live in the Land of Israel is Torah" (Vayikra Rabba 34:7). And, really, there is never a dull moment, always something to learn and experience, if you keep your eyes and ears receptively open.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Rectal and anal disorders are some of the most painful disorders, in addition to being embarrassing. Once stool gets to the last part of the bowel, which is called the rectum, it is in a solid form and is stored there until it is released. The anus is where it is released from and it has a rich supply of nerve endings which means that disorders here are very painful. In addition, stool is full of bacteria, so the leakage of stool can complicate things by causing infections.

Facing Reality - Today I am a Man?
Submitted by Avrohom Ellis, Beitar

Today I am on my way to perform [musically] at a bar mitzva. This is no ordinary occasion, by any means, for the star of the show is a student of mine. And this is no ordinary student, for although today he becomes thirteen years old, this precious child acts and looks [that is, his expression] like a five-year-old. He is mentally handicapped.

Letters, Eitzes, Feedback

We were very happy to have evoked strong feelings about a discussion on Shabbos preparations (Parshas Bechukosai). This is one woman's reaction:

I'm flabbergasted and shocked by your article! I must have misunderstood!

Jewish Marriage Education Teachers Training Course

Registration for the Jewish Mariage Education Teachers Training Course is currently taking place.

This course is given by Rebbetzin Tehilla Abramov and will take place IY'H this year in Jerusalem, in Har Nof, from July 30 till August 8.

Poet's Corner
"Today - If You Hearken..."

by E. Isaacs

Ruthy waved and smiled,
She was almost on her way,
When she turned around and sweetly asked,
"Could you wash my Shabbos dress today?"
"Maybe," was the uncommitted answer, As I watched her walk to Gan,
Since when does little Ruthy
Think of anything but fun?
Later, my hungry children
Were eating lunch at noon,
"Mommy, did you wash my Shabbos dress?"
Asked Ruthy, and I said, "So soon?"
"It's only Sunday," I reminded,
"Perhaps I'll do it tomorrow,"
Little Ruthy made no comment,
But her eyes were full of sorrow.
Refreshed by an afternoon rest,
I opened my sleepy eyes,
The house smelled clean and fresh,
Who was making me a surprise?
Ruthy was laboriously scrubbing,
Her Shabbos dress in the bath,
The floor was covered with soapy water,
Should I scold or should I laugh?
She really was so serious,
My four-year-old was so intent,
And I am absolutely sure
That no mischief was meant.
"What makes you so determined
To wash your dress by hand?
Tell me, darling Ruthy,
I want to understand."
Ruthy straightened up,
And whispered in my ear.
"The ganenet said Moshiach
Could any day be here.
I want my dress always ready,
Did you mind that this favor I ask?
I'll play with baby Yossi,
So that you can finish the task."
I kiss my little daughter,
Tears flowing down my face,
From washing a dress with lace!
From now on, dearest Ruthy,
I'll do my utmost best,
And make it my priority,
To fill your pure request.
Now all our Shabbos clothes are laundered
On the first day of the week,
And as I put them in the cupboard,
I receive the chizuk I seek.
"Did you anticipate Moshiach?"
We will all be asked one day,
Thank you, little Ruthy,
For teaching me the way!

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