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Preparing For The Future : Remembering to Remember
by R' Zvi Zobin

I once bought a book on developing a good memory, but I forgot where I put it. There is a sefer on advanced memory techniques called "Alfai Menashe." I think it is by an early Acharon, but I do not remember who wrote it.

Mazel Tov, Mazel Tov, OUCH! -- Mazel Tov!
by Shlomo Boruch Abeless

Maybe if I hadn't had that small operation, I wouldn't have noticed. Just like thousands before me . . .

Recently we celebrated the bar mitzvah of our youngest son Binyomin besho'oh tovah umutzlachas, some days after surgery on a finger of my right hand. It was still quite painful and with stitches still intact, required extreme care.

Small Benefits
By Esther Susan Heller

Baal tashchis: I've always felt uncomfortable about this. I feel that I'm not careful enough. I should be less wasteful. In today's society, even when we make an effort to be thrifty, our results are small compared to earlier generations. After all, how many people save string nowadays?

The End Of The Money (Chapter Twenty- Six)
English rendition: Sheindel Weinbach

This is the first of a two chapter translation from a fascinating book written in Hebrew by Yehudit Golan and published by Feldheim this past year. "Haleila Einenu Ofel - The Night is Not Dark" tells the story of her grandather, Hagaon R' Yitzchok Eliyohu Berenstein shlita, Rosh Kollel Etz Yosef, as a child with a gifted mind who leaves home at the age of ten to begin studying in the various famous yeshivos of Europe. In this chronicle, we meet the great luminaries of the pre-Holocaust period and get the feel of life in those times.

Creativity Corner:
Haggada Board Game

by Devora Piha

GAME THREE - HAND ILLUSTRATED LOTTO CARDS. This is identical to Game 1 except that the illustrations on the cards are hand drawn instead of photocopied. The drawings may be copied from illustrations in one or more Haggados or they may be drawn from the child's imagination.

Book Review:
Cactus Blossom

by Rachel Pomerantz

An Israeli religious weekly once referred to social workers as "The most unpopular group in Israel, after the chareidim" and as "bureaucrats with a great deal of power." There have been many horror stories in the chareidi press in connection with the social services, and social workers are largely viewed, rightly or wrongly, as people who take children away from their families. This impression results in chareidi families in crisis feeling reluctant to contact social services.

Honeyed Pasta Fruit Salad
by Rivka Tal

Now's the time to get rid of your extra noodles, of course. But since an army travels on its stomach, as the saying goes, it's a good idea to get up early and prepare a good lunch for the hard-working crew, which includes you. When the kids smell the noodles cooking, they will have something to look forward to after a stint of `avodas parech.' Try the following recipe and improvise, if you can't do it all the way. And cut out for future post-Pesach use, perhaps for dairy Seudas Shlishis.

"A Productive Day"
by Ruth Lewis

"Well, you had a productive day!"
My houseguest said.
It stopped me in my tracks
And left me wondering.
Yes - I got dinner on the table -
(But the kids could have opened
a can of tuna).
I got the wash on the line.
Fine. If it doesn't rain.


A day of bed-ridden pain,
In which, seemingly,
Nothing was accomplished,
Might have produced
A better me.
And daydreams can contain
Seeds of creativity.


A mentsch ken tuhn,
But Nor der Aibeshter ken uptuhn.
People can do...
But only the One Above
Can get things DONE.
Productivity, results,
Accomplishment, are ultimately
Not up to me.
All that I can do,
Is - try.

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