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Matzo Baking is Underway at the Yad Binyomin Matzo Factory

by B. Rabinowitz

At the Yad Binyomin matzo factory, preparations for the baking of matzos have been completed, and matzo baking is well underway. The rabbonim of the beis din tzeddek of Shearis Yisroel, HaRav Tzvi Friedman, and HaRav Tzvi Weber, visited the bakery and closely inspected the way in which all of the halachic instructions are executed. They also issued guidelines for additional improvements, in order to achieve a state of maximal hiddur in the baking of matzos with the hechsher mehudar of the beis din tzeddek of Shearis Yisroel.

The process of grinding the wheat with hand mills began over four weeks ago, and last week the machine mill grinding was set into operation. Each aspect of the grinding takes place under the personal supervision of Rav Dovid Koenigsbuch, a well known talmid chochom and yirei Shomayim, especially expert in this field.

Prior to the actual grinding, much cleaning work took place, which included the dismantling of the grinding machine in all its parts, as well as the dismantling, the purging and the pecking of the mill stones, according to the halocho.

This year, significant improvements were made in the area of grinding. In addition, a new, computerized method of operation was instituted, which will contribute greatly to the receipt of updated and current information on the grinding process. It will also prevent the formation of heat in the machines, and improve the quality of the grinding. The sifting system has also been improved. After the grinding, the flour is sifted, and then, as required by the halocho, stored in a special room for three days.

Four weeks ago, the managers of the bakery, under the supervision of the kashrus supervisor, set out at night to draw mayim shelonu. Those present at the event felt the simchas mitzvah and the special kedusha of the first drawing. The large water vats were cleaned, and afterward, a pumping system which drew the water from the well near the Chofetz Chaim kibbutz was set into operation.

Upon the completion of the many preparations and the extensive, well-planned improvements, matzo baking in Yad Binyomin has begun. Many efforts were made to increase the efficiency of the entire system and to improve the quality of the matzos.

The improvements entailed substantial financial investments in the bakery, as well as the physical development of the site, and the preparation of easily accessible approaches to the bakery. Regarding all that pertains to the bakery itself, very stringent practices, not in effect in other bakeries, are employed. The rabbonim of the beis din tzeddek of Shearis Yisroel, who visited the bakery, examined even the most minute details, so that bnei Torah, who are very meticulous about mitzva observance, will be able to enjoy machine matzos of the highest quality kashrus.


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