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A Breach in Shabbos: Labor Court Permits Kibbutzim to Open Stores on Shabbos
by Yated Ne'eman Staff
Special to Yated Ne'eman

The judicial system has once again permitted massive Shabbos desecration, this time in the kibbutzim. "Since it is impossible to define the religion of a cooperative organization, it is impossible to determine its day of rest. Therefore the kibbutzim are permitted to desecrate the Shabbos," according to the judge.

Israeli Education Minister Proposes Law Obligating Property Owners to Pay for Rescue Excavations
by Betzalel Kahn Special to Yated Ne'eman

Education Minister, Yitzchak Levi, has instructed the General Director of the Antiquities Authority, Amir Drori, to draft a proposed law to the effect that one who orders rescue excavations (i.e., the property owner) must pay for them.

The Hardships of the Committee for the Preservation of the Cemetery in Koenigsburg
by N. Grossman

"Precisely the great difficulties and many obstacles which have been placed in our path, underscore the fact that this mission is sacred and important -- very special and momentous -- and as is known, such things are not easily attained."

Renaissance for Torah Jewry in Germany
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

A group of Orthodox and chareidi Jews, long frustrated by the control of reformers and assimilationists of all aspects of Jewish life in today's Germany, have announced the formation of an alternate Jewish community.

Guidance and Inspiration at Motzei Shabbos Session of 76th American Agudah Convention
By N. Ze'evi

The theme of this year's American Aguda Convention was Bishtei Einayim: An Eye to the Past, a Vision for the Future. The title was taken from Rabbi Moshe Sherer, z'l's, book of essays. Once again, thousands of Jews converged for an extended weekend of discussion and inspiration.

Prime Minister and Chareidi Parties Agree On Religious Council Law
by B. Kahn and Ittim

The Ministerial Committee for Legislative Matters will shortly present a new proposal to the Knesset, which, if passed, will curb the penetration of the Reform and Conservative into the religious councils.

Battle to Save Slovakian Cemetery Continues
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Following a two-year battle to save the Slovakian Liptovsky-Mikulash Cemetery from destruction, reports have reached the Committee for the Preservation of Jewish Cemeteries in Europe that the recent change in the Slovakian government has given new hopes to save this beis hachaim.

Jerusalem's Merchants Support Karta's Decision not to Approve Deviation from Mamilla Zoning
by Bezalel Kahn
Special to Yated Ne'eman

The Regional Planning Committee has decided to postpone deliberations on the suggested changes in the building plans of the Mamilla mall, currently in preliminary stages of construction opposite the Jaffa Gate.

Chareidi and Religious Representatives in the Knesset Demand Tightening of Mission Law
by R. Tzvielei

"The law must be changed, and it must say in a clear manner that every attempt to proselytize and to persuade someone to convert to a different faith is illegal," Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs Rabbi Arye Gamliel told the Knesset, in response to a proposal regarding recent missionary activity in Beer Sheva.

Polish Group Claims to be a "Jewish Community"
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

The struggle over the restoration of Jews' pre-World War II stolen property in Eastern Europe may bring unexpected problems. It is feared that this could prevent the restoration of property to the rightful heirs of the destroyed communities.

Provocation in Bnei Brak by Meretz Linked Youth
by A. Cohen

A group of members of the Da'as Emes organization provoked an altercation on Rabbi Akiva Street, Bnei Brak's main thoroughfare, when they arrived there and began to distribute incendiary and blasphemous material directed against the chareidi public and the Jewish faith and tradition.

The Avreich, HaRav Yaakov Frank zt'l
by Betzalel Kahn
Special to Yated Ne'eman

On Sunday, the 10th of Kislev, thousands of shocked and deeply pained members of Yerushalayim's chareidi community, among them many Breslover Chassidim, accompanied R' Yaakov Frank zt'l on his last earthly journey.

R' Yosef Vahabah, zt'l
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Torah Jewry was saddened by the petirah of the well-known askan and man of chessed, R' Yosef Vahabah, who returned his pure soul to its Maker on Wednesday, the 13th of Kislev.

Housing Ministry Grants Benefits to Tel-Tzion Project
by B. Kahn

Purchasers of apartments in the Tel-Tzion project in northern Jerusalem will benefit from an additional grant of 20 thousand shekels. This grant will be given to all purchasers, according to the deputy Housing Minister Rabbi Meir Porush.

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