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22 Adar 5759 - March 10, 1999 | Mordecai Plaut, director Published Weekly







MST College Launches New Recruitment Campaign

MST in North West London began their new term by greeting a further intake of students.

The College, now led by Mrs. Judith Nemeth, a well-known and highly experienced educator, is particularly excited that a growing number of mature members of the Community have chosen MST as the institution where they will further their studies.

Existing teachers who need additional professional qualifications, and women whose own children are in school and who now wish to (re) enter the teaching profession, have all found a home at MST.

Teacher training forms the backbone of MST's courses, and the modular coursework system has proved popular and well-suited to the needs of women with families of their own.

MST's first "graduating class" with "Qualified Teacher Status" will complete their studies after Pesach, and stand ready to boost the supply of trained teachers within the community, but Mrs. Nemeth feels that at present "we are merely scratching the surface."

"Our schools are crying out for suitably qualified educators, and we have to reach out to those women who could serve the community as teachers," says Mrs. Nemeth.

"Rabbonim, from both North and North-West London, recognizing the desperate need for schools to have qualified Orthodox women teachers, have been keen to give MST College their haskomos and wholehearted support," she explains.

MST has now begun their recruitment campaign for the September 1999 academic year with the launch of an impressive new brochure, which gives combat comprehensive details of the teaching courses on offer. MST is the only Orthodox Jewish college offering initial teacher training in the United Kingdom teaching pedagogical skills coupled with the appropriate hashkofos.

The letters MST are transliterated from the Hebrew Mem, Somech, Tof, an acronym for Mesorah Seyog LeTorah - (Tradition is the fence around the Law.)

Tradition and Torah teachings together form the link between the generations, but a link which each generation must forge anew lest the chain be broken.

MST's aim to pass this Tradition can infuse all aspects of chinuch of our children.

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