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Produce Departments of Jerusalem Co-op Supermarket Chain Upgrade Kashrus

by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Jerusalem's Co-op chain of supermarkets has made all-out efforts recently to provide the city's mitzvah-observant residents with fruits and vegetables of the highest standard of kashrus. The produce which it markets is under the strict supervision of the Jerusalem Rabbinate's special Department for Land Related Mitzvos, headed by HaRav Yosef Efrati.

During recent months, this department has posted supervisors in Tnuva's central warehouse in Givat Shaul, where the most meticulous and stringent kashrus procedures have been put into effect.

Directors of the Co-op and of the retail warehouse are currently cooperating with department supervisors in order to guarantee that procedures for the purchase and sale of the fruits and vegetables are carried out in full. These procedures begin with supervision over orla, and the bringing in of fruits only from agricultural areas approved by the department's agronomist, and end with the separation of terumos and ma'asros lechumra of all fruits and vegetables in the warehouse itself, including those which arrive with certificates signed by packing houses.

The stringent supervision includes control over Shabbos observance, so that no produce which is picked on Shabbos or involving other types of Shabbos desecration is approved for sale. In addition, strict enforcement methods are maintained. The warehouse foremen of the Co-op's many branches are under constant, close supervision, in order to ensure that all produce entering the fruit and vegetable departments meets the department's stringent requirements.

The improvements in the kashrus of the Co-op network have been made possible by constant surveillance in the retail warehouse, and by the Co-op directors' heightened awareness of the importance of the value of kashrus.. Today, the Co-op of greater Jerusalem is the only supermarket network to maintain kosher lemehadrin standards in every one of its Jerusalem branches.

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