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Last Chance
a story, by Y. L. Chodosh

He fixed a pair of astonished eyes upon that face. It was him, no doubt about it. It must be Uri, but could it be?

R' Shimon the Mashgiach took another good look and could not help feeling an overwhelming sense of surprise and emotion well up inside him. What, actually, had happened to him, he could not help asking himself.

'Fun' Time
by R' Zvi Zobin

[Vacation is over and it's time we reevaluated our attitude towards certain activities]

"Good morning, children! As you wake up in your `fun' bed with its `fun' blankets, you will wash your hands with your `fun' cup into your `fun' bowl, get dressed into your `fun' clothes, eat your `fun' cereal, and go to your `fun' school in your `fun' schoolbus. At school, you will listen to `fun' lessons and take your `fun' pen and write `fun' exercises in your `fun' books. Have a great `fun' day!"

Don't Ignore Stroke Warning Signs
by N. Katzin

Cerebral stroke, which shows itself as a local neurological deficiency, sends warnings which must not be ignored. They are: sudden weakness of half of the body or a hand or a foot; a sudden speech disturbance which passes after a number of minutes (the mouth contorts); a sudden, brief disturbance in the vision of one eye, sudden headaches; a feeling of numbness in half of one's body or face or sudden dizziness accompanied by double vision for a few moments.

Do It Yourself With Yosef Krinsky

Last year millions of individuals seriously injured themselves in the home. The majority of injuries occurred while making home repairs or improvements. Did you ever think how dangerous it is to build a succah? We are aware of the dangers of using a ladder, power tools, rusty nails, and electricity, but how many people take proper safety precautions? A recent article in The Jerusalem Post mentions the following "Succah Building Precautions:"

Of Synagogues and Shtiebels...
by Channi Katz, England

Having moved twice half way round the world, and belonging, for various practical and tactical reasons, to several shuls in the community where we now reside, I cannot help feeling very much like the wandering Jew when I take my place in the ladies gallery on the High Holidays.

Letters, Eitzes, Feedback
A little of each which have accumulated.

First, RE: our article on CHEVRA KADISHA, a friend of your editor who grew up in small-town America to a Holocaust survivor family, reminisces how her mother initiated her into chessed shel emes by performing a tahara- purification at the age of twelve!

Childcare Care
by Chani S.

Vacation is over and it's back-to-school/work time. The first few days will require adjustment for the kids, especially for babies who may be leaving home for the first time on a regular basis. Here, then, are several tips to make the transition easier and start things on the right foot.

Creativity Corner
Painting on Your Succa Walls

by Devora Piha

The urge to paint or write on a wall has likely caught our creative spirit at one time or another. Most likely, it was when we were toddlers but has long since been forgotten. We, too, were once children going through the numerous stages of development.

The Asher Yotzar Miracles
by Sheina Geffen

"Stop! Look! Concentrate!"

Sounds almost like what they drummed into us as kids -- the formula before crossing the street. It isn't, but these words are at least as important for your safety, that is, your physiological well being.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD
Diplomate, Board Certification of Emergency Medicine
Chairman, Department of Emergency Medicine Ma'ayenei Hayeshua Hospital

First, let's answer some of my readers' questions. Mrs. S., of Bnei Brak commented on my article about dehydration that water is not a good fluid to replace lost salts such as potassium or sodium. Her children drink a lot of water, and she wonders if they are not getting the salts they need.

Poet's Corner
by Yated's PR person at the office, who weekly sees, and weekly sighs, at all the Lost and Found notices

Under the shelf, on the table,
Any place where it is able,
On top of a rack, not leaving a track
Of the road traveled from beach bag to plane,
Through snow and rain,
From bus to car,
From the Central to Kinar,
After a mitzva tanz, too tired to dance,
On the porch, in an airport,
Miscellaneous, too much to sort,
Left behind when you jumped off the van,
Or at an intersection in Ouman,
At dawn, at the site of sunrise in a park,
In a tent, in the dark,
Found by a ranger in Bampf,
In the kitchen in camp,
Anywhere from Zichron to Zanzibar,
Aurora or Antarctica, near or far,
From Fort Knox, in a box,
At Itzkowitz shtibel,
Memory's feeble,
Was it Telz or Chatzor?
Can't recall any more,
Left in taxis that roam,
Along paths now unknown.


A velvet sack, a hidden prayer,
Was it here, was it there?
A lonely guest left behind,
Echoes lingering, no remind,
The bag waits to be discovered,
All wrapped up, or uncovered,
At a levaya or a shmoose,
Something to lose,
Slipped out of a bar-mitzva hand,
Who-knows-where to land,


Left in a bus, without any fuss,
Together with shaytels and shtreimel,
Almost lost Chaim'l,
Rings and things, diamonds and dishes,
Keys, passports, money & good wishes,
Books and bikes,
And all the likes.
Look in the newspaper, they stand alone,
Waiting to be missed and brought home,
Retrieved and relieved of the strain,
Of hoping and waiting again,
For the next-week's notice, someone to notice,
For the one-way trip, all these possessions long,
To return where they belong.

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