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24 Shevat 5759 - Feb. 10, 1999 | Mordecai Plaut, director Published Weekly







Matzo Baking Has Begun in Yad Binyomin Bakery

by B. Rabinowitz

Upon completing all of the necessary preparations and its many and special improvements, the Matzos Hamehudoros Yad Binyomin has begun baking machine matzos. The gaavad, R' Chaim Shaul Karelitz and the members of the BaDaTz, including R' Arye Halevi Dunner, visited the bakery and personally witnessed its adherence to the halachic guidelines of the rabbonim. They praised the directors of bakery for their meticulous observance of all the special stringencies, as well as for the many improvements instituted this year.

They were particularly impressed by the tremendous efforts the owners made to improve the baking hall, to build a new water room and a mixer room, and to construct a wall from insulated blocks to separate the oven and the production room, so that heat won't pass from the oven to the production room.

This year, a special effort was made to significantly lengthen the oven, in order to accelerate the manufacturing process and prevent, as much as possible, the matzos from standing outside too long before placing them in the oven. By the same token, the directors of the bakery are doing their utmost to maintain maximal cleanliness during the baking, since cleanliness is crucial to the high level of the kashrus of matzos.

This year, too, extensive renovations were made in the structure of the bakery which have enhanced its aesthetics and facilitated the approach to it. In respect to the baking itself, special hiddurim and stringencies have been administered, which are not adhered to in other bakeries. Currently, no other matzo manufacturer can compete with the high level of kashrus of Yad Binyomin.

The directors of the bakery said that these achievements, whose results are evident as the matzo baking season begins, are the consequences of tremendous efforts invested over a long period of time. They noted that all parts of the kneading and baking system are dismantled every eighteen minutes, and all of the machines are washed with water and air pressure. Many improvements were made over the years, such as the wheat grinding machine, into which air is streamed in order to prevent the heating of the wheat.

Maranan verabonon, the gedolei haposkim fully approve of the methods used by the rabbonim of Shearis Yisroel to prevent the oven from become overheated, while maintaining proper heat when the matzos are placed in the ovens, so that they can be baked in a relatively short time. They are also very pleased by the insulating wall, built this year, separating the oven from the production room.

Every eighteen minutes, all work is totally halted, a team of mashgichim carefully checks the vessels and the hands of the workers. The disposable plastic aprons are changed, and the redel (the puncturing wheel) is taken apart and lifted by a lever. It is replaced by another redel, which has been thoroughly cleansed and purged.

This year, special emphasis has been placed on the quality of the baking and the quality of the matzos, and the bakery owners made sure to get high quality wheat at the time of the cutting. The new and long oven also greatly contributes to the matzos' high quality. Immediately after the baking, the matzos are transferred to a cooling and airing room which enhances the matzos' freshness and long shelf-life.

Maranan verabonon, the gedolei haTorah, warmly bless the directors of the bakery. R' Aharon Leib Steinman, who visited the bakery at the beginning of the baking season, greeted the bakery's directors very warmly, and told them that today, when there are many kashrus problems such as in chicken and milk, all efforts must be made to achieve a high level of kashrus. He also blessed them with success in their endeavors.

The directors of the bakery are certain that the meticulous bnei Torah community will appreciate the tremendous efforts made by the owners of the bakery, and take care to purchase matzos baked in the Yad Binyomin bakery, which adheres to the halocho in the strictest manner possible. They noted that the increased registration for chaburos constitutes clear proof that maranan verabonon, the gedolei haTorah as well as roshei yeshiva, rabbonim and the most eminent morei horo'oh, highly recommend the matzos of Yad Binyomin, which are under the constant supervision of the BaDaTz of Shearis Yisroel.

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