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Rebbetzin Yetel (Ericka) Rothschild o"h

by S. Baruchi

Last week, the righteous Rebbetzin Yetel (Ericka) Rothschild of Zurich was laid to rest in Har Hamenuchos in Yerushalayim. Rebbetzin Rothschild had devoted her life to sanctifying the Name of Heaven in public.

Rebbetzin Rothschild was born in the Torah city of Pressburg and raised in a home of Torah, yiras Shomayim and chessed.

During the Holocaust she was taken to a concentration camp, where she suffered both emotional and physical torment. In recent years, she made many public appearances in which she described the open miracles she experienced during the war. In that way she strengthened numerous people and aroused many to do teshuvah. The large public meetings and rallies at which she related personal stories were unforgettable events. In these activities, as in all else, she consulted the gedolim before every step she took. HaRav Moshe Soloveitchik, zt'l, in particular, encouraged her to share her memories of those dark days in many forums.

In Zurich, she married HaRav Dovid Rothschild and together they built a home of chessed, where the poor and unfortunate found peace of mind and succor. Numerous families subsisted for years only on the material and emotional support which the Rothschilds offered them. With endless dedication, the Rothschilds fulfilled the dictum of Yosi ben Yochanan ish Yerushalayim, cited in Pirkei Ovos:D "Let your house be open for the welfare of others, and may the poor be members of your household."

Gedolei haTorah and roshei yeshiva were also hosted royally in their home. They contributed generously to yeshivos and chessed institutions in Eretz Yisroel.

Rebbetzin Yetel Rothschild was a central address for all Torah causes. She and her husband administered an old age home for many years. She also directed a convalescence home in the Swiss mountains where she helped the elderly and the sick in their difficult hours. In addition, she organized the sending of matzos and food packages to the Jews of Russia.

A large throng participated in the levaya held in Zurich. Hespedim and divrei his'orerus were delivered by HaRav Yissochor Meir as well as by her husband and brothers-in-law.

She is survived by offspring, all of whom are following paths charted for them by her and her husband.

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