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R' Aharon Friedman z"l

by S. Baruchi

Reb Aharon Friedman was laid to rest last week in Bnei Brak. He was niftar after a brief illness, in his 72nd year.

R' Aharon Friedman, son of Rav Chaim Klonimus Kalman, was born in Germany, where his parents settled after wartime wandering. As a child, he studied in Torah institutions and absorbed Torah and yiras Shomayim.

After the Holocaust, his parents moved to Eretz Yisroel and settled in Bnei Brak. He married Chana Kruck. Together they established their home in the city's Shikun Hey neighborhood. Their home quickly became a focal point of chessed and an address for the needy and unfortunate.

He worked for his living and set aside fixed times for Torah study, both in Shikun Hey and later in the center of Bnei Brak, where he moved. He studied and davened in the Sochotchov shul as well as in the Rishonim shul.

He was outstanding in his interpersonal relationships. Among his outstanding traits were his shtika, his modesty and his refusal to speak ill of anyone. He fled all honor and always acted with great humility. He was amiable and very compassionate, helping others by deed or simply with his warm attitude towards them. He had a rapport with everyone -- from youngsters to adults -- speaking naturally, simply and without demanding anything for himself.

Last week he fell ill, and it was evident that he was preparing for his transfer from this world to the World of Truth. He told his family that a person is unable to extend his life, and that every moment is a gift from Shomayim. He said that he was grateful that he had merited to fill his life with Torah study and chessed and was privileged to have children and grandchildren who are pursing the Torah path he charted for them.

He was hospitalized and his health deteriorated. Nonetheless, he utilized every available moment to complete his daily study schedule, so that in the event that he would be able to return to his set shiurim, there would be no gap between the material covered by the members of the shiur and the material he had covered by himself.

This past Friday, he returned his soul, which had been refined by suffering, to its Maker. His levaya, which left the Segulah cemetery in the afternoon, was attended by a large group.

At the cemetery, his son, Rav Yisroel, delivered words of parting, noting that no hespedim had been delivered at the levaya at his father's request, because he hadn't wanted the community to be inconvenienced -- and he surely would not have wanted them to be detained on a Friday. He said that his father's lifestyle constituted a last will and testament to his progeny.

He is survived by his wife, by his son, Rav Yisroel, editor of the Hebrew Shabbos Kodesh supplement of the Yated Ne'eman, by his son HaRav Zev, and by grandchildren who are deeply involved in Torah study and are following in his footsteps.

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