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Rebbetzin Raizel Braverman o"h

by Betzalel Kahn

On Tuesday, the 10th of Sivan, a large throng, headed by gedolei Yisroel and rabbonim of the Givat Shaul neighborhood of Jerusalem, accompanied the righteous Rebbetzin Raizel Braverman, o"h on her last earthly journey. She was the wife of HaRav Eliezer Lipa Braverman, the rosh yeshiva and director of the Yeshiva Hagedola Meah Shearim and its institutions.

Rebbetzin Braverman was born in 5689 (1929). Her father, Reb Sholom Tzvi Dzialovski, was one of the prominent Strikover chassidim in Eretz Yisroel, who merited, during his youth, to draw close to the Yismach Yisroel. In this illustrious home, she imbibed love of Torah, pure yiras Shomayim, tsnius and humility, and she learned how to relate to all people in a genial manner.

She married HaRav Eliezer Lipa Braverman, one of the finest talmidei chachomim in Jerusalem. While her husband devoted all of his energies and talents to the spiritual and financial foundations of the Meah Shearim educational center, she served as a loyal partner to his Torah activities and helped in the formulation of the unique educational approach of the talmud Torah and the yeshiva.

She was a role model to all in her outstanding kindness toward everyone. She excelled in her modesty and remarkable histapkus.. Her sole aspiration was to raise her daughters to Torah and yiras Shomayim in the manner of her forebears.

Recently, she suffered from intense pains, but accepted them with love. Even in her difficult hours, she managed to receive everyone in a pleasant manner, while resigning herself to her fate and not complaining. On Tuesday, the 10th of Sivan, she returned her pure soul to its Maker.

Her levayashul in Givat Shaul, where her husband delivers shiurim and serves as a shaliach tzibur on the Yomim Noraim and where she herself davened for nearly fifty years. Hespedim were delivered by her husband, HaRav Eliezer Lipa; her brother-in-law, HaRav Moshe Salant, as well as by HaRav Mordechai Zuckerman; HaRav Yehoshua Karlinsky, rosh yeshiva of Beis Osher; and HaRav Moshe Braverman, one of the roshei yeshiva of Tiferes HaGra in Jerusalem.

She is survived by her outstanding daughters, who are married to well known marbitzei Torah. Her sons-in-law are HaRav Binyomin Frank, HaRav Moshe Eisenbach, HaRav Moshe Baumel and HaRav Shlomo Goldman. She is also survived by grandchildren and great-grandchildren, all of whom are continuing in the illustrious tradition of the family.

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