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Moreshes Spreads Torah In Hungary

by S. Fried

The completion of a maseches is an everyday occurrence in the yeshiva world. But the completion of siyum of Megillah, conducted by Reb Anshel Ronai was a very special event, because the chosson hasimcha is a young Jew from Budapest who completed the maseches in Hungary, and held the siyum celebration in Jerusalem.

The credit for this goes to the Moreshes organization, founded by a group of native born Hungarian Jews now living in Israel. Its purpose is to disseminate Torah and encourage Torah study on a permanent basis among the Jews of Hungary.

Moreshes' goal is to spread Torah to the thousands of young people in Hungary, most of whom have only recently been exposed to their Jewish roots.

Ever since its founding, hundreds of students and university graduates, have participated in the Torah shiurim held in the Moreshes centers throughout Hungary.

The heads of the organization send special teachers to Hungary, who, along with their families are involved in trying to save thousands of nidchei Yisroel in that country.

Scores of young people participate in these shiurim on a steady basis, and a large number of them have already begun to lead full Jewish lives.

During the past summer, Arachim held a seminar for university students and graduates, which was attended by scores of young people who after the seminar continue to benefit from the guidance and follow-up programs of the staff of Moreshses, which sends outstanding kiruv activists to Hungary on a steady basis.

Moreshes brought young married couples, alumni of the organization to Israel, where they studied in special Torah institutes. Now they are returning to Hungary as activists of the organization.

During the summer, many of the Moreshes alumni spent their time in a learning seminar in Or Someach, whose institutions also organized shiurim for them.

The participants in the summer seminar visited many other yeshivos and Chassidic centers in the country, in order to imbibe their unique atmospher.

They also visited gedolei haTorah and received blessings and chizuk from them.

Moreshes aspires to reach all of the Jews of Hungary, where thousands of lost Jewish neshomos are waiting to be saved.

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