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Chessed Shel Emess
by G. M. Kestenbaum, England

"Chevra Kadisha? How could you do it? Isn't it depressing? Aren't you getting rather morbid?" Such are the questions asked by astonished friends.

I first joined the Chevra as a way of repaying the Kehilla for their kindnesses bestowed upon my family, besides wanting to partake in this ultimate chessed shel emess. But little did I realize, when I took this initial step, that I would derive far more from my undertaking than I would ever be able to contribute.

Preparing For The Future
by R' Zvi Zobin

Bringing Up Children with Compassion

Mrs. Karing was rebuking Shloimie and Sorale. "How can you be so cruel to my son? Why are you so nasty to him?"

Shloimie and Sorale had been fighting with Eli Karing, calling him names and refusing to let him play with them. "But he was nasty to us first!" they protested.

Day of Judgment
by Rosalie Saltsman

We have often described to us the scene we will be faced with when our Day of Judgment arrives on our 121st birthday. I personally had never felt the full impact of what that day in court might be like until recently when I went to an earthly court over a large sum of money that was owed to me.

How Do You Rate as a Good Neighbor? - A Self Quiz

This message is for all ages,

For people at all stages,
For those from backgrounds that vary,
Or those with different burdens to carry,
For those who need a support-word here and there,
Someone to talk to, to feel sympathy, to care.

Do It Yourself -- With Yosef Krinsky

In the middle of the summer, have you thought of your heating system? Did you realize that there are only two months from now to October? I remember many times on the High Holidays having to put on an overcoat.

Poet's Corner
by Ruth Lewis

The gates are beginning to swing open in Elul...
Doors are to keep things out,
To keep things in, to let things in.
But which keep out?
Which let in?
Keep out the cold, the storm,
The danger, and the night,
Keep in the safe, the warm, the love.
And to let in?
Ah, that's what's hard to know.
Doors only keep things safe, you know,
If they are closed.
And sometimes locked and bolted,
Chained, or set about with guards.
And sometimes sealed with towels,
And masking tape.
Yet other times, doors should be
Opened so wide...

Doors only keep things safe, you know,
If they are strong.
Not swinging, swaying to and fro,
With every push,
With every passing breeze.
"If she is a wall...
We will build on her.
But if she is as a (swinging) door..."

"I am a wall!"
Doors of our home, our hearts, our minds.
Doors of our mouths, our ears, our eyes.
Doors of our children's hearts, minds...
We should be giving so much thought
To doors.

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