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Refoel's Story
by Sheila Segal

I sat on the faded wooden bench in the park. It was Shabbos afternoon, and this playground was filled with the happy sounds of children at play. We were visiting my husband's elderly grandparents in Haifa, and I had brought the children to the park to allow Bubby and Zeidy a peaceful Shabbos nap.

You Don't Need a Garage to Make a Garage Sale
by Nechama Berg & Chaya Levine

Everyone seems to know how to make a garage sale. Yet why do some people gross $150 while others make $1,500 or more from their garage sales? Obviously, it is divinely ordained, but there are also some ground rules that can help. Let's examine some of them:

Important Notice About Working for Others
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

A reader from Gateshead notes that our issue of 6 Teves (Parshas Vayigash) published a suggestion that could cause people, Rachmono litzlan, to transgress the prohibition against ribis.

Baalebusta Betterment
by Chaya Roizy Vorhand, Home Management Consultant

I've gathered together a few dozen clear plastic fruit baskets and I bought some white containers, like you suggested. Where should I start my organizing?

Letters, Eitzes, Feedback

This is a very impassioned letter from a reader on Films

Onion Bread

Add soup and here's lunch. Bread produces a homey, brown crust.

Having discovered some new talent in Kiryat Sefer, we will give ETR the Floor of our Home and Family for two of her submissions. We are sure that you will look forward to others.

by E.T.R.

There is a house
And there is a home.
Two separate entities,
Which one do you own?
A house has four walls, Windows and a door,
Tables and chairs,
And furnishings more.
People will use it,
To sleep, eat and wash,
To make a phone call,
And then -- run out in a dash.
A home, however,
May well look the same,
But, really, in truth,
It's as different as its name.
A home is where we run to
And not away from.
Because it's a fortress
Of love and concern,
It's where we receive
All the attention we yearn.
Where we can grow
In the Torah-true way,
Because the home shields
From the street -- that tugs astray.
A home is a place to which we run
-- and not away from.
So what is that I own?
A house -- or a home?


I should consider a shidduch
At this tender stage?
You're joking, of course,
You don't know their age!
Chavi's not five, and Chaim's just seven,
Shevi's soon nine and Chezki's almost eleven.
And the babies, without doubt --
It's not them you're talking about!
So which of the bunch?
I haven't a clue, not even a hunch...

Oh, I see, so that's what you mean,
A decade or two isn't as long as it may seem.
And in that brief space of time
Shorter than I expect,
These little children of mine,
I'll have to work hard to perfect.
And thus, in the measure that I invest
In Chavi's chinuch today,
I will expect to gain the best
Son-in-law I hope for her, some day!

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