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Bnei Brak Municipal Company to Foster High- tech Initiatives

by A. Cohen

A special municipal economic enterprise in Bnei Brak constitutes a breakthrough in the areas of hi-tech and industry, which it will hopefully promote throughout Bnei Brak.

Three years ago, Bnei Brak's municipally decided to found an economic company to accompany various financial projects meant to stabilize the city's fiscal situation by providing jobs and taxes on developed real estate. The city budget suffers from large financial deficits due, in part, to the relative poverty of some sectors of its population. The decision to establish the company remained on paper, however, and no progress was made in this direction.

When Rabbi Mordechai Karelitz assumed the office of mayor about a year ago, preference was given to the promotion of large-scale plans for hi-tech industry and other economic initiatives, especially in the northern part of the city. Within this framework, the mayor decided to take a number of practical steps to make the company operative as soon as possible.

The following was stressed at the board of directors' first meeting: The Company will spur the setting up of new industrial sites and offices, especially in the city's north. It will promote economic ventures throughout the city. It will initiate plans for building a special sheltered residence for the elderly in the Pardes Katz neighborhood, to include more than 100 dwelling units, of 30-40 square meters each.

Today, many local councils throughout Israel successfully maintain such separate economic companies, whose purpose is to initiate and promote special projects not included within the municipality's regular sphere of activities. The municipality's varied departments are responsible for the city's daily functioning, whereas an economic company can focus on economic development from a more comprehensive perspective, in conjunction with the various municipal departments, thereby spurring the growth of various economic enterprises.

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