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Bnei Brak Municipality To Hold Courses for Professional Training

by A. Cohen

The Department for Social Services of the Bnei Brak Municipality and the city's Employment Services are conducting a series of new courses in the areas of religious services and hi-tech professions. The courses, which will offer professional training to the chareidi populace of the city, aim to promote suitable employment solutions and help large families increase their earnings.

Extensive activity in this area began a few months ago, following deliberations held by the city's mayor, Rabbi Mordechai Karelitz, the deputy mayor and the head of the Department for Social Services, Rabbi Shmuel Levinger, with the director of the Employment Services, Mr. Tzvi Holcer. The topic of the meeting was the need for programs to solve the pressing financial problems of large families and provide residents of Bnei Brak with suitable employment.

After plans in the area of professional training and advanced study were formulated, the deputy director of the Department for Social Services, Mrs. A. Moyal, and the department's coordinator of professional training , Mrs. G. Niv, were charged with implementing the plan as soon as possible. A number of weeks after that meeting, separate supplementary classes for women and men were opened in the fields of computers, mathematics and English. Graduates of these courses will be able to integrate in more advanced computer and hi-tech courses.

As an extension of this aim, a support computer course for chareidi women -- seminary graduates -- will open. The course format calls for on-the-job training, and graduates of the course will study and work in a well known computer firm. The course is subsidized by the Center for the Retraining of Academicians of the Ministry of Welfare and Labor.

The course is intended for currently unemployed women who pass the required entrance exams. The course will be offered free of charge and, as stipulated by the law, those eligible to participate will receive unemployment compensation throughout its duration. At the end of the course, the graduates will be employed by a leading hi-tech firm in Bnei Brak . While working in this company, the graduates will acquire knowledge and experience on a high level.

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