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9 MarCheshvan, 5780 - November 7, 2019 | Mordecai Plaut, director | Lech Lecha-5780 Published Weekly

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The Tempest Around HaRav Elimelech Firer

Rabbi Elimelech Firer is a well-known man of chessed who helps everyone. Recently it was decided to hold a concert and use the proceeds to grow his organization. A reporter noticed that there were no women performers and raised a hue and cry. The event was canceled.

The liberal attack against Rabbi Firer is another escalation in the battle of the secular Israeli public against the Jewish people. HaRav Firer cancelled the event which attempted to organize a body of Friends of Ezra Lemarpe which would have enabled him to expand his humanitarian chessed activities, since he has no time to deal with evil hearted harassers and their bitterness. But neither could he ignore the fact that secular coercion raised a storm and upped the level of unprecedented ruthless hatred of the Israeli citizen.




Special Chizuk Trip to Jerusalem by HaRav Chaim Kanievsky shlita

Intensive spiritual excitement and heightened activity was felt this past Tuesday in Yerushalayim during the visit of Sar HaTorah HaRav Chaim Kanievsky to various yeshivos as a chizuk tour.

This visit was the response to the request of various roshei yeshivos and Torah disseminators who sought to begin the winter session on an elevated tone through the uplifting messages of HaRav Kanievsky and the hosting roshei yeshiva.





The Test of Lech Lecho: Change and Growth

by HaRav Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg zt"l


Avrohom Ovinu was tested ten times. One of the tests was "Lech Lecho," the test of leaving his home. This test followed the test of not denying his faith in HaKodosh Boruch Hu when he faced death by fire in Ur Kasdim.

Avrohom Ovinu fought against idol worship until finally there was a confrontation with the corrupt King Nimrod. Chazal (Tanna Devei Eliyohu Zutah 25) recorded the historical showdown:

"Nimrod said to Avrohom, `Don't you know that I am the master of all creation, the sun and the moon, the stars and the planets — and people! I am the source of them all. And you, why did you destroy my edifices?'


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From Our Archives

In Face of the Danger -- A Perspective on Emunah

by HaRav Abba Grossbard zt"l, Menahel Ruchani, Yeshivas Lomza -- Ponevezh

The following talk was delivered in Yeshivas Lomza, Petach Tikva, during the Second World War, in the midst of the battle at El Alamein, in Egypt. Its relevance to these times makes it a fitting subject, particularly now.

We do not rightly appreciate or understand the times in which we are living in. We all know that only an outright miracle and great mercy make it possible for us to gather here today in the yeshiva and to continue to study in relative tranquility. A mere hairsbreadth separated us from devastation and destruction, G-d forbid. Had the Germans ym'sh succeeded in forging ahead just a little more, they would have broken the front lines at the Egyptian border, and then our entire situation would have been destroyed and we would have shared the same fate as our unfortunate brethren in Europe.

How terrified were we a mere week ago, and how quickly were we able to revert to our complacency without experiencing the threat of the situation in its full measure! The gemora in Taanis, perek beis teaches that if there are three fatalities in a city with five hundred men, it is necessary to rouse that city and its environs by blowing the shofar to mourn the loss. Yet here, a honed sword is poised at the jugular of the entire yishuv and the danger of total annihilation looms in front of our noses; how then can we be such fools as not to feel the prickle of the sword's point?

And even if things seem to have quieted down, somewhat, still, we cannot know how things will eventually turn out.

The Entire Maseches Brochos in Two Hours!

by R' Zvi Yabrov

Forty-eight years have passed since the demise of the father and teacher of all Jewry, Maran the Chazon Ish ztvk'l on 15 Marcheshvon. He put his stamp upon every facet of Torah, and his lasting impression is present in every aspect of life. Countless stories are told, and will yet reverberate for generations to come, about his incredible toil in Torah, his assiduous and pure yiras Shomayim, the depth of his noble character traits and the scope of his intellect and wisdom of heart.

We have asked R' Zvi Yabrov, author of the series of works Maase Ish, to delineate for us several facts and vignettes that have not yet seen print, so that they can provide us with new insights, lessons and wisdom.


A kollel fundraiser of yore, for what is today the Kollel Chazon Ish, once asked the Chazon Ish, "Why do people repeatedly tell me to `come tomorrow'? Will these people be any richer on the following day?"

The Chazon Ish replied, "Those people still need the three [daily] prayers in order to be worthy of giving!"

(HaGaon R' Yaakov Galinsky zt"l)

Rabbi Mordechai Miller: He Changed the Face of Torah Jewry

by M. Samsonowitz

Rabbi Mordechai Miller, the principal of the Gateshead Seminary, passed away on 3 Cheshvan last year at the age of 79 after spending more than 50 years educating thousands of Jewish girls throughout the world. He was one of a handful of "Rabbi Chiyas" who arose after World War II of whom it could be said that Torah Jewry owes them its existence. He had a major share in the renaissance of Torah Jewry today. The impact of his life's work cannot be summarized by a chesed organization or a flourishing community but by the entire dynamic Jewish world that exists today.

Rabbi Miller's Teaching and Methods

Rabbi Miller taught hashkofoh to all three classes in the Sem. (The Seminary has a three-year teaching program and all students take the same curriculum. The classes are called T1, T2, and T3, with the third-year class being T1.)


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